Athena Institute’s 10x & 10:13 pheromone cosmetic products are designed to attract opposite genders towards each other. Is it really possible to come up with a product that attracts another human being towards you? In the least, pheromones can make people act differently around you.

Any of Athena Institute’s 10x & 10:13 pheromone products can be added to a perfume or cologne you already use to add that magical attraction in your aura. But such powerful claims need to be backed by powerful reasoning. Before you start reading about various observations and researches that prove the effectiveness of pheromones, it would help to know pheromone’s basics first. 

What Are Pheromones?

Every sensation and feeling in your body is a result of chemicals released by brain or some other organs. It is scientifically proven that love is a feeling that arises from the production of certain chemicals in the body. Pheromones are just like hormones but these chemicals induce a reaction from other species. In simple words, your hormones make you react to them whereas your pheromones make people around you react to them. Have you ever seen a cat wandering around making a peculiar sound and sniffing walls? That’s pheromones at work.

Pheromones in Animals

The workings of pheromones are most observable in insects. How do you think one ant finds food and is then able to gather hundreds and thousands of ants in one place? It is the release of pheromones that allows ants to communicate. It is therefore clear from the example that pheromones do not only make you feel in love but have other functions as well. What pheromones do depends on the type of pheromones released by mammals. The most commonly known pheromones are as under:

•    Primer pheromones
•    Releaser pheromones
•    Modulator pheromones
•    Signaler pheromones

Among these pheromone types, primer pheromones are the ones that get the most immediate response. These pheromones act together or individually to attract opposite gender, inform others around you about some danger, signal the presence of something etc.

Do They Really Work?

How effective pheromones are has remained a question with vague answers. While a group of people completely discredits them, there are researches being done at various institutes of the world to find any relation of human pheromones with altered response from opposite or the same gender. Completely discrediting pheromones is definitely a big mistake after knowing that the feeling of love is just chemical reactions in your body. It has to be kept in mind that most researches, surveys and studies revolve around making people go through certain processes and then obtaining their comments on how they felt about them.

So, a person’s personal experience definitely counts as a credible source to prove that something works. A woman getting reactions from men all of a sudden after using pheromone products has to have some correlation of pheromones with those reactions. There is an organ in your nose called Vomeronasal Organ that works to detect the presence of pheromones around it. There are researches that prove at least some effect of various pheromones on the people in your surroundings.

AND (16-androstadien-3-one), a progesterone derivative, is one of the pheromones that have observable effects. According to a Swedish study, the reactions to AND in straight women and gay women were very different. AND is a chemical that is present in abundance in male sweat. Another study that appeared in Respirology just a year ago shows response in the form of swelling of tissues in the noses of women when they were exposed to AND. Androstadienone is also one of the pheromones found in abundance in male sweat and is known to cause increased attraction between opposite genders. (Source)

Should You Experience It?

According to the Athena Institute website, their 10x and 10:13 cosmetic products can really make a big difference in how people get reactions from opposite genders. One of the testimonials from a customer (with name changed due to privacy) says,

Men are absolutely freaking out. I work as a bartender and men are flocking around me. I have told my girlfriends it must be the LOVE POTION.. My girlfriends in the bar say they can almost feel the energy of the men's attraction to me.

From what consumers of the product have to say, it seems that the products have been working for them. However, you could only tell from your own experience if this thing really works. Not to mention, you should not be afraid of trying the product since it does not have any harmful effects like various creams and lotions. It’s just a compound added to your cologne or perfume.

If the product works for you and you end up being one of the fans, it could be said that pheromone containing perfumes and colognes are definitely going to be something in the coming times.