So, you just received an invitation to the biggest event in town. Anyone who is anyone will be there, which means you need to be dressed to the nines.  Finding an evening dress may sound easy peasy, right? All you need to do is find a black floor length dress. Wrong. There is a lot that goes into the right evening dress. Length, color (That’s right, it doesn’t have to be black), and style.  Let’s find the right dress for you.

Fit is the number one factor.

I don’t just mean how it looks. Pick a dress that you feel great wearing. Confidence is sexy. Also, choose a dress that you don’t constantly have to adjust. Strapless dresses lose their beauty if you have to tug and pull it up all night. Choose a dress that you can easily move in.

Walking and sitting should be easy. When you try on the dress don’t forget to sit down in it. It may be a perfect fit standing, but sitting is completely different. Can you breathe easily in that dress? Seems like a no-brainer, but this event could last all night. Choosing a dress that looks fab and is skin tight, but makes you feel trapped is going to ruin the evening. Don’t be afraid to go a size up. Being able to breathe is also sexy.

How Long is Too Long?

The length of the dress you choose could make it or break it. If you are on the shorter side choosing a dress with long simple lines will make you appear to be taller. If you are taller, don’t be afraid of a flowy dress.  When you take your dress to be altered, try it on with the heels you will be wearing. Even a half inch could change the whole look. The perfect length of the dress also includes being able to easily walk. Tripping over your dress would be every embarrassing.

What do you want your dress to say?

Choose a color or even a pattern that answers that question. Evening gowns used to just be black, not anymore. Black evening dresses can still be stunning, and don’t avoid them if you love a black dress, because they are timeless. Just know, you have options. If you want to make a statement,try red. Red is a bold beautiful color which is sure to get you noticed. Pink is another option. Pink is a fun, sweet color. Pink says I want to have fun and still be sexy. If you want a simple, but absolutely stunning look go with white. White is clean, pure, and can be breathtaking. A new trend that has taken over is patterns. There are a lot of options when you look at patterns. One of the most popular right now are large florals patterns.

Your evening dress is your first impression!

The dress you choose has the power to grab the attention of the whole room. The color, the fit, and the length are the top factors when choosing a dress.  Remember to find a dress that you are comfortable in. There is nothing that is more beautiful than a woman with confidence.