Technology has impacted all parts of our lives, and art has been no exception. What used to require expensive paints and inks, elaborate desks, and a great deal of formal education and training is now possible for anyone. A computer user with even the most rudimentary skills can easily create impressive artwork for businesses or other ventures.

The process is very simple for online and paper-based applications. Simply create the logo or design, save it in the appropriate format, and then upload it to a website, social media platform, or stationery. It can represent your group or business consistently and professionally wherever you may market it.

However, these flat formats aren't the only place we need great artwork and logos. Businesses have vehicles, signs, buildings, and products that need to bear their identity, and that means getting them from the screen to the hands so that they can be applied to the relevant places.

This used to be the roadblock to doing in-house branding. You could design all day and come up with great stuff at no cost to you, but you ended up having to pay handsomely for a signmaker or other company to create the materials for you.

Not anymore. As companies like Bren Inc have come along, the process of turning ideas into products has become easier than ever. The equipment to create all kinds of lettering products is affordable and simple to use, opening lots of doors for the ambitious business owner.

Direct Lettering

The next time you drive through your city, look at all the blank vehicles you see. There are countless plain, white vans and trucks on the road in any community. Some of them don't need to advertise what's inside, but others do.
Imagine you operate a catering business. The heart and soul of what you do involves moving your product from place to place. Every mile that your delivery van covers is a free advertising opportunity, but that only works if your van is marked.

Get your design off the page and on the road! Use a plotter to cut out vinyl lettering, then apply it to your delivery vehicle. The next time you make a trip to pick up groceries, meet a client, or do anything else, your vehicle is practically screaming your name (and your phone number) to everyone who passes it.

Promotional Items

When you think of certain products or services, you probably have one name that comes to mind first. Sometimes it's because there aren't many companies in the business, but it's more likely because you have seen their name a lot somewhere. Maybe it's a refrigerator magnet. Maybe it's an ad on the fence at a baseball field. It could be that smooth-writing ink pen you use each day at work.

Whatever it is, it's a promotional item of some kind, and it's just what any business needs. Don't miss the opportunity to create things that keep you in front of the eyes of potential customers!

Practical Items

As you operate a business, you probably spend a lot of money on various signs. "No Parking", "Do Not Enter", "Wash Hands Before Handling Food", and all the others. They can really add up.

Once you've invested in the equipment and materials to create your logo items, you can do a lot more. There's nothing better than defraying the cost of a new purchase by saving money somewhere, and signage is a great way to do it. These plotters can cut stencils that you can use to letter parking lots. They can end your purchases of workplace signs. There are lots of ways that you can utilize this equipment to save money beyond just bringing your graphics to life!

Building a business is part product and part promotion. Technology has made promotion easier than ever. You are limited only by your imagination in the ways that you can advertise yourself.