If you are not from a family that exercises frequently, it might feel a bit strange when you start working out. Are you in college? You need to take advantage of the free gym memberships to remain healthy. However, it can be intimidating to work with a bunch of people who know what they are doing.

To take fashion off your list of worries, here is a list of dos and don’ts for gym wear:

Buy true performance fabrics

You should opt for clothes that are moisture wicking, flexible, and temperature-resistant. Such fabrics will keep you warm and dry as you exercise, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout. However, not all performance fabrics are made equal, so you should shop carefully. You should read a few online reviews about a certain product before rushing out to get it.

Do not wear cotton t-shirts

As tempting as it is to grab a big cotton shirt for your workout session, you need to resist that temptation. Cotton is a material that absorbs moisture quite easily, making it sticky and unsightly to look at. Moreover, wearing baggy clothing to the gym is not advisable as it could get stuck in a machine.

Test your clothing first

 Just because a piece of clothing looks spectacular on the rack does not mean that it is suitable for doing dead lifts in a public gym. Before wearing your new workout clothes to the gym, you should perform some test exercises in your room to ensure that your shorts or pants do not ride up too high. When you bend over to do the downward dog, your customized leggings should not fall too low on your hips. 

Consider your workout

Different exercises call for different workout clothes. You need to think about the kind of routines that you will be doing before you choose the outfit you want to wear. Are you going to yoga class? You should choose yoga pants or leggings that allow you to move freely. However, you should opt for loose shorts with a compression lining when doing a rigorous cardio routine that requires you to jump a lot.

Choose your shoes and socks wisely

You need to select shoes that fit well enough to provide the right kind of support. For instance, you should not wear running shoes when cross training since they do not offer any lateral support. Moreover, you should wear socks that fit to ensure proper movement. Ill-fitting socks will just make your exercise routine worse by rubbing against your feet constantly.

Keep your clothes on

Although this might seem obvious, there is always a person who strips down at the first sign of sweat. Even if you are going to the gym to get a great body, you should not show it off at every chance. Moreover, taking off your clothes means that you will be getting germs all over your skin instead of on your clothes.

Do not forget to change your clothes

Nothing screams confused like wearing ordinary clothes to the gym. Because such clothes are not made for working out, they will not be stretchy enough to move in, which means that they could rip easily. Without the right footwear, you could injure yourself very badly at the gym.

Do not wear your clothes again without washing

Most people do not like doing laundry. For this reason, it is very tempting to wear the same clothing to the gym without washing it. Gym clothes have all your sweat and body odor soaked into their fibers, which makes it a very bad idea to re-wear them.