We have witnessed the steady evolution of styling trends since the first heat-styling appliance was invented. From blow dryers to hot rollers, number of appliances came into existence to come up with distinctive hair trends. 

In 1980’s we saw a unique texture to the mass of curls which became the new trend. Geri Cusensa, founder of Sebastian, for Barbara Streisand’s hair came up with the idea of crimped hair which was considered a hot trend. Crimpers were used to add a wave to hair unlike curling and flat irons. Crimping irons offer benefits of being a quicker process.

Nevertheless, using hair crimper for the first time can be confusing. Here is how it can be done:

1. Purchase process

The first step is to choose the best hair crimper. These tools are widely available at beauty supply stores and come in a multitude of brands. Like straighteners and curling irons, they are plugged and heated before styling. The zigzag plates generate textures in hair unlike other equipment.
Before choosing a crimper, consider temperature settings, size of plates and other important features. 

2. Wash hair

Once you have appropriate crimper in your possession, the first thing you must do is wash and dry your hair. Wash your hair properly using shampoos and conditioners to ensure softness. Then allow your hair to dry entirely because crimpers do not work on wet hair. Before styling your hair, make sure all tangles are brushed out and hair is properly conditioned. 
In order to protect hair from heat damage, you can apply heat-protecting products before styling your hair to ensure maximum protection. 

3. Plug in crimper

Adjust the crimper on appropriate heat setting and allow it to warm for approximately 5 minutes. The higher the heat setting, more effective the results will be. But keep in mind that overheat can cause damage to your hair. 
Keep a mirror in front of you before styling to keep a look of how the process is going. 
Once you have established a set-up, decide on what parts of your hair needs to be styled. Whether you want to crimp your entire hair or certain strips of your hair. Progress after decision is made. 

4. Styling

Styling needs to be done in two-inch sections. Hold a section of your hair and gently brace down the crimper using other hand. Start crimping at the roots. Get close to your scalp without burning it. Hold it down for approximately four seconds and release the cramps then.
Move towards the next section and continue the process until entire section is crimped. 

5. Hair spray

Final step is to secure the style with hair spray. Many hair textures do not tend to hold on to a style for very long. This is why it is important to use a styling spray so that waves last longer. Hair spray is highly recommended if you are planning to go in a windy weather. This is how your hair will remain secure.