Elf on the shelf has been quite a big thing as of late, and since it's Christmas season, there's no shortage of people doing stuff like this. But this one here is different. It's gotta be the cutest one we've seen so far!

1. This is 4-month-old Rockwell Lawrence.

2. His father Alan Lawrence runs That Dad Blog, in which he shares anecdotes and pictures of what life as a father of six is like.

3. "All of our friends do the Elf on the Shelf and I've always thought it was sort of creepy, but sort of fun- this idea of an elf coming to live in your home and moving around to different places," Lawrence told Today.

4. "And I'm like, what if it was a real elf? And of course, being parents, we already have the cutest little 4-month-old. So we decided to make a fun series."

5. Lawrence is currently employed as an art director, which explains the pictures.