Love and work are one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. The balance between them is quite delicate and fragile. Each of them tends to monopolize your attention, and to make suffer the other aspect. At the end of the day, it is you who is stressed out due to this imbalance in your life.

No wonder, online dating sites start providing users with recommendations on how to date various professionals in order to make people have reasonable expectations about their potential relationships. For example, they warn that dating a police officer can be tougher than maintaining relationships with white-color workers. Read on other possible ways to reach/restore an equilibrium?


•    Use your smartphone
Nowadays we seldom part with this device. One more service it can render us is to keep track of our lives, to make them more organized, easier and alarm us once some aspect of our life acts up. The range of apps is quite wide.Before choosing which one you need, take a time to define what is difficult for you to manage most of all, or what trait of your personality is a weak link. For example, if you tend to be late with report submission, an app Timer+ will be tool number one. Find you about other apps here.

•    Online dating
It is not a secret that online dating saves time on searching a partner for a lifetime or just for having a drink at the nearest bar after work. Matchmaking services accumulate tons of users and allow communicating with several candidates simultaneously. Let’s agree it helps out when you want to have a good time, but by some reason all your friends can not go. Here is the list of the most popular dating sites if you are not still there. Use it when you realize that your efforts to find a partner in real life are too time-consuming and do not lead to any results. Check out the review for some tips. 


What is the balance? It is living without fuss, appreciating every moment of your life, doing what you love and spending time with those you love and who love you. Therefore, please, do not think that technologies by themselves will solve your problems. They are just tools that if applied properly will help. The main focus is on your attitude to yourself. Workaholic who comes home and is capable only of sitting on the sofa and staring at the TV set will sooner or later burn out. To avoid this,

•    develop a new habit to plan your personal leisure time. It’s like the same to-do lists you use at work, but now they should be dedicated for your hobbies, favorite activities, or things you always dream of trying and experience.

•    make your personal time inviolable. Do not let work to encroach on your family time, or time allocated for sport, hobby and vacation. It sounds easy, but it is not so easy to practice. Be as stubborn as a mule, and reward won’t keep you wait long!