Every year we make predictions about what the coming years have got for us. However, it is pretty clear now that social media marketing is staying here for a long time and its power is attributed to the fact that it keeps on evolving. It keeps on getting more flexible and adaptable as the time progresses. Getting more responsive to new technology, constantly meeting user expectations and introduction of new and better features makes it an ideal leveraging platform for businesses.

As we head into 2017, we can realize the dominance and significance of social media. This is what the year have in store for social media marketers and businessmen.

New areas of communication

Social media was introduced as a means for individual to communicate with people online. When brands realized its importance, it also became a way for communicate with their customers. It evolved into an advertising platform. However, it is slowly transforming into new communicative areas. Many social media platforms are offering means of customer service. 

Sale and customer service gets more social

Many businesses thinks social media only as a marketing tool. That is not the truth anymore. Consumers learn about the products and services on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are inclining more towards conversational commerce which is further supplemented by chat bots.
Rise of chat bots have accelerated social selling and customer service efforts without the need of hiring extra employees. So social media is not going anywhere. Relying on it to enhance your business may prove to be highly beneficial. 

An ad revolution

Platforms are now trying to serve individual users more over companies and organizations. But the further benefit of social platforms is that it forces more companies to immerse in paid advertisements. The competition is at its peak which have compelled businesses to come up with creative and innovative advertising options. These factors may lead to a revolution in social media advertising in 2017.
Inspiration and imagination will become the norm
Consumer tends to attend practical posts. Many posts that are virally circulated are able to emotionally connect with you. Nevertheless, inspirational and imaginative posts are getting stronger in 2017 for social media success. These posts are artistic in nature giving the viewer’s something unique. It gives the user something valuable.

Evolution of social media platforms

On a generalized basis, social media platforms are getting upgraded on a frequent basis creating new opportunities for digital marketers. Let’s take an example of Snapchat. It has already transformed user expectations and major trends in social marketing world. It introduced a shift towards more live content and brought about vertical videos in the mainstream. You can expect bigger things to come in 2017.
Similarly, Instagram has got a lot for us. Once you have your hands on Instagram followers free, then marketing is not a big deal. Changes like longer videos, changes in metrics, live video and shopping options have made it an ideal and effective platform for social media marketers.