There are over 1.2 billion people worldwide who spend over an hour every day, on average, playing video games. The negative impacts of video games have been debated for over 20 years but the recent researches are pretty interesting. 

Many game designers and psychologists believe that playing video games is good for your brain. Whole-hearted engagement in creative challenges have a lot benefits associated with it. Spending your energy to solve difficult problems never go in vain. It has already been proven that people who play more video games have better perceptual and cognitive abilities. 

Improvements in visual processes

Researches have proved that continuous hours of video gameplay can enhance your ability to distinguish subtle difference in shades of different colors. This is clearly an indicator of better visual ability. 
Videos games have also proved to successfully treat a disorder named Amblyopia where one eye becomes considerably non-functional since childhood. Gaming can bring substantial improvements.

Improvement in executive functioning

Executive functioning is all about the abilities of a person to allocate his/her mental resources such as memory and attention in a manner which allows for efficient and effective problem-solving or decision making. Many experiments have shown how it can have positive effects on executive functioning. 

People improve their ability to engage in more than one task simultaneously. Their multitasking skills get enhanced. There are many games which requires multitasking in the game. For instance, GTA 5 which has gained immense popularity since 2013 requires a lot of multitasking in the game. It allows you to operate three in-game characters at a time. Although the game gets easier using GTA 5 money cheat, the challenging gameplay positively impacts your decision-making and problem-solving skills. 
Playing action and adventure video games can improve a person’s ability to move from one task to another without committing any errors. This indicates an improvement in focus and concentration levels. Overall mental flexibility gets enhanced. 

Improvement in job-related skills

Many studies have indicated that many video games have the ability to improve a person’s on-job performance especially for jobs which require hand-eye coordination, working memory and efficient decision-making. Studies have represented the fact that video gamers had better ability to perform surgeries than non-gamers.

Traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are related with proper mental-functioning of the brain. Video games have proved to work effectively on it as well. It can work with maximum effect on patients undergoing depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses and traumatic brain injuries. Having a gaming mindset helps people to heal faster than normal. 


Researches clearly show that how video games can have positive impacts on our brain. But each and everything comes with its downsides and drawbacks. Video games are surely beneficial to your health in multiple ways but an addiction will always lead to a pitfall. Parents want their children to focus on their studies. An addiction can stray them from the right routine. Video gaming must be done in a controlled manner in order to attain the necessary benefits.