Consumers today are very different, at least that seems apparent with a recent study. Whether it's a bar, hotel, car repair shop or anything in between, the internet is a common place to find where you're wanting to go and then making the trip.

Yes indeed, in this day and age it's more important than ever for your business to be involved in the digital world. With numbers like the ones provided it's clear you cannot ignore the digital world, which can play a major role in the amount of business your company gets, no matter what your company is related to in a business sense.
So, this post contains some digital marketing tips that you cannot, and should not, ignore. You want the consumers to find your business and use it, so it's very important. You need to mix some things up to get what you need, varying strategies related to: SEO, search advertising, social media and website. Let's take a look at some tips from each field, and make sure you try to implement these for your company.

Tips for Search Advertising: Follow the rules of Yahoo, Bing and Google search ads since they all have different formats. Essentially one size doesn't fit all in a sense. 2. Be sure to optimize your URL that's displayed in the search ad. That way it'll have a relevant connection to the service or product you're promoting. 3. Make sure you have powerful call to action for your ads that state directly what you're wanting consumers to do. For example: Get in touch for Free Estimate. 4. Capitalize where appropriate (such as the first letter of major words in the ad). Don't use all CAPS. Blogger outreach has become popular, the problem is that finding a quality service to help with your campaign can be hard – but there are a few out there.

Website Tips: Make sure the site is clean and modern, keep it updated. 2. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly! This is very important. A 2014 study indicated that almost 80% of mobile searchers for a local business end in a purchase. That's massive, far too much to ignore. 3. You want to be found by local consumers, right? Then be sure to have your site optimized with local information such as your address.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips:It's a good idea to have a business blog, share more information and such. But it has no value for you if it’s not regularly updated. Keep any such blog updated and keep your rank high in search engines. 2. Share it! You need to make sure you have a share button on your blog so that people reading can easily post the information to social media which will in turn drive people back to your site. 3. When you've got some positive reviews put it out there. Promote them via your site and social media so that people searching for your business in whatever means will see the great things mentioned about your business. If they see a lot of positive talk/experiences it's more likely they'll pursue your business.

Social Media Tips: It's easy to edit posts in the social media world but it's just as easy to screenshot an error so make sure you're making the list and checking it twice, so to speak, before posting anything. Make sure it's absolutely what you want out there before posting. 2. Employees under you represent your company, for better or worse at times, so make sure there is a policy in place that keeps them from sharing any important internal information. 3. #. Don't jump the hashtag boat if you don't know where the hashtag begins/what it's associated with. Best to be sure before you go too far in the hash tagging.

Use these tips to help boost your business and get more customers!