Adulting. It’s a term that has apparently increased in usage by over 700% in the last year on social media site Twitter. It’s exact origins can’t be attributed to anywhere or anyone in particular; it’s just one of those words that seems to fit the description accordingly.

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Millennials are trying to do the things that their parents and predecessors did in the years before them, but in the modern world it’s clear to see that we can’t quite do them the same. It’s harder to get a house, job security is almost non-existent and it seems that just getting out of bed and managing to do your day is worthy enough of treating yourself with a luxurious meal … that somebody else has cooked. We’re meant to be one of the most productive generations that have ever lived, but we’ve only got technology to prove this rather than our own personal goals.

So what can we do to make adulting just that little bit easier?

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Get More Focus

There are so many things that we can do to gain a bit more perspective on our own lives and get that little bit more focus that we deserve to give ourselves. There are various ways to do this, but one of the main ones that we can all benefit from is cutting social media off. It doesn’t have to be forever, just enough to get a bit of clarity.

Drink More

We don’t have our parents around nudging us to grab some more water as they did when we were younger. Not even 20% of us drink the recommended amount that we are meant to every day, and this is spelling disaster for our general health. Not only does water help us to function day to day, but it is also vital for increasing our concentration levels on a daily basis. A smart water bottle like Trago may be able to help those who are failing to reach this. Those who drink over the recommended amount (and that’s eight glasses of water at eight ounces each … obviously eight times a day), will find themselves more motivated to get out and do what they need to, be able to focus more on what they want to achieve from the day and will feel a lot better about themselves. Those who don’t will see themselves feeling sluggish, bloated and more hungry than usual due to the mixture of thirst and hunger signals being confused by the brain.

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Start Saving … Right Now!

Probably the most boring and least engaging of the adulting tips, but a good one nonetheless. We are in a bit of a financial slum when it comes to housing, and more people than ever are renting; this isn’t because they want to particularly, but because they can’t afford to put down a deposit for a mortgage. The sooner you start saving any extra pennies that you have, the sooner you will be able to afford the things which currently seem out of your reach. It’s a simple equation that makes sense but very few people seem to follow.