We, women, have a knack for making even the smallest of things seem big enough, dragging us to a life or death circumstance even if, truthfully, it’s not necessary. Oh, drama! We crave it and we embrace it, and our soles aren’t exempted at all.

It is easy to assume that a model like Karlie Kloss wouldn’t make a fuss over high heels, right? Wrong.  “I still get butterflies when I'm doing a runway show. The music starts, you're wearing these gorgeous clothes and your nervous about your high heels, if your shoes are going to break, if your going to slip or do something wrong.”

Fall In Love With Gorgeous Soles This Season

With the variety of gorgeous heels and flats currently trending, there is no excuse not to pamper your feet with a stylish groove. Let the “wows” and the fears set in. We, Ladies, are still going to wear ‘em heels.  Here are the trendiest footwear fashion you ought to be wearing right now:

1.  Velvet Pumps And Flats.

We still couldn’t get enough of the excessiveness and extravagance we’ve adored from last season, and velvet soles are a remainder of that trend.  Exercise your royalty simply by wearing velvet. These pairs are so versatile, you’ll love them on your formal pieces, casual shift dresses, even your denims. Whenever you can find velvet with embroidery or, with a silk lace up ribbon, that’s what you should get your hands on.

2. Loafers. 

These pairs have been keeping our soles relaxed for some time now.  These pieces are practically our bedroom slippers worn shamelessly on the streets. This season, Gucci has added a luxurious upgrade to its classic loafers — fur! Can you believe it? Every step you take in it just got cozier, and Gigi Hadid agrees that it is the new must-have loafer for women.

3.  Pompom Shoes.

Whether Gucci inspired these fur ball additions to stilettos, sneakers and ballet flats or, if this was the trend that inspired Gucci to add fur to its loafers, we can’t tell but, it doesn’t matter. Both fashion statements are trending anyway. So, keep spoiling those hardworking feet with fur.

4.  Laced Up Footwear. 

Remember those laced up gladiator shoes that became so fashionable? Well, there are upgrades to that. However, if you want to stick with the trends, keep wearing those Miu Miu ballet flats with bows. You should also check out the embellished satin stilettos from Dsquared.

5.  Embellished Shoes And Heels. 

Just like a Ponds Age Miracle review contains a treasure trove of product information, these soleful trends are also filled with one-of-a-kind accents that create a unique personality for the person who’s wearing it.If you can’t already find one that’s done, simply DIY by adorning your soles with beautiful rhinestones, ribbons, beads or, whatever you can find that you can stick on your lace or heels.

6.  Combat Boots. 

Can you believe it? The 80s are so back with a vengeance, and everybody is embracing the awkward 80’s fashion statements with open arms, that includes the hottest, most stylish young celebrities today. So, how do you wear these hard and durable pair of shoes these days? The same way they were worn back in the 80s — with baggy pants, checkered sweaters hanging by the waist, floral skater dresses,tight-fitting jeans, and even hot pants.

It will do you good to get those combat boots in an upgraded look. Make sure to wear one with shiny, metal buckles on them.

7.  White Ankle Booties.

Absolutely gorgeous on the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini runway, these pair of chic booties are so versatile, love them on your pants and shorts, and even take it all the way to pair up with your gorgeous white and floral dresses.

8. Flat, Platform Sandals.

This pair is the best Spring/Summer staple you can get, if you can find a versatile, stylish pair that can go easily with your outfits this season, that is, from your denims to your floral dresses.  Take inspiration from the runways of Miu Miu and Dolce and Gabbana. Notice how the soles are adorned with beautiful, very feminine accents. The best part is to keep your feet relaxed — no inclines necessary.


Be drop dead gorgeous this season. While sometimes a full outfit is necessary to get that effect, sometimes a great looking pair of shoes is all you need to earn a knockout look.