A party without a cake is just a meeting.

Truly, cakes are for long associated with celebration. There’s no such thing that marks the celebration better than a cake. If you browse the pages of history, you would know that cakes have been a part of every celebration and occasion.

From basic cake called satura to the exotic cakes today, they are an indispensable part of all occasions.
But did you know that different cakes have different significance.  While round and circle shaped cakes signify the cyclical nature of life, cakes have also witnessed a transformation when they began to be created in different shapes and variety of flavours to suit the occasions.

1.    Angel Food Cake:

The heaven sent angel food cakes are a fat free concoction made of egg whites, sugar and flour. Angel food cake originated there in the early 1800s. It is known that first angel food cakes were baked by African-American slaves because baking these requires strong beating arms and lots of labour to whip the air into whites.

So, if you are planning to show someone that you could do anything for the person, why not prove it by baking an Angel Food Cake, instead?

2.    Tier Cake:

Tier cakes are the traditional wedding cakes. Mostly dependent on the number of guests it needs to serve, the number of tiers of the wedding cake or how huge the cake should be is decided accordingly. In the early 18th century, it was a custom for the groom to break a cake over the bride’s head that meant end of bride’s virginal state, beginning of fertility and husband’s power over her.

But with time, customs changed and now, the top tier of the cake is saved for one year for the couple to eat it on their first anniversary which is thought to bring good luck.
Besides, tier cakes have also begun to become a part of corporate celebrations as well because of a simple reason that a large cake serves the large crowd.

3.    Bundt Cakes:

Bundt pans were invented in 1950 by H. David Dalquist, and today we use them to make those classic cakes, the bundt cakes.  The word means ‘bunch’ or ‘bundle’, possibly because the dough is bundled around the tube of the unique bundt pan.

Bundt cakes are mostly suited for Christmas and exotic parties with a small crowd. This is a lighter, fluffier form of cake that would quite be suitable on a date at some impressive location.

4.    Heart Shaped Cakes

Heart shaped cakes are quite contemporary creations and have now begun to come in different flavours and types of icing. The heart shaped cakes are mostly associated with lovers and are a fond representation of the intense emotion ‘love’. Be it an occasion of Birthday or Anniversary, heart shaped cakes are an all time hit to express the feeling.

However, the best suited day to order cake is the Valentine’s Day as this variety really sells tremendously.

5.    Bombe Glacée

Bombe Glacée is an ice-cream shaped like a dome with mousse in the centre, typically with two or more fillings. When the Bombe is cut, the interior of the dessert represents the contrast colours.

It can be served in small get togethers, housewarming party or Children’s Day celebration.

6.    Photo Cakes

Photo cakes are best expressive cakes when you want to make someone feel extremely important. As you have the liberty to personalise the cake with any photo or message you want, this cake is bound to bring a beaming smile on the face. Whether it’s your parents’ anniversary or your best friend’s birthday, this cake is a sure shot hit.
Birthday, anniversary, wedding, job anniversary are the best occasions to order photo cakes in Gurgaon , Delhi or other cities and have a remarkable celebration.

7.    Cartoon Character Shape Cakes

Very obviously, cartoon character shape cakes are solely for children. With the craze of Superman, Snoopy, Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Shin Chan amongst the children, a cartoon character shaped cake is sure to bring tremendous delight to your kid’s face.

Birthday, Children’s Day are perfect are perfect days to surprise your child with a cake.

With a variety of options to choose, make a perfect pick for your upcoming celebration to create remarkable impressions of affection!