Salesforce CRM software is a major investment, and it only makes sense to get the maximum possible benefit out of it using every additional tool available.

Appointment scheduling capability is a key component that lets you use your Salesforce CRM to its full potential and maximize efficiency, business growth, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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Here are some of the most important specific benefits of appointment scheduling for Salesforce:

1. Appointment Scheduling is Made Maximally Efficient

You gain the ability to instantly schedule meetings with clients and potential new clients and manage those appointments with ease. By utilizing existing customer data and using a single system and single, all-encompassing calendar of appointments, you save valuable time. And with the time you save, you can make additional appointments and otherwise nurture or create leads, which all feeds into greater overall efficiency, faster growth, and increased revenues.

2. Email and Text message to Customers Reminders Are Automated

Besides making appointments faster, with less hassle, and more of them (up to 50% more), a second key area where appointment scheduling for Salesforce pays off is with follow-up. By automating email and text reminders of the appointment sent out to clients/prospects, you can accomplish this task in as little as a quarter of the time it would otherwise take. You not only save time, but you also reduce no-shows and double bookings, which helps you to improve both your lead conversion and customer retention rates.

3. Appointment Invitations and Links Can Be Strategically Positioned

And besides making and following up on appointments, you can create more high-conversion appointments, to begin with. Your marketing team can reserve invitations to make an appointment for high-interest customers only to ensure the best use of sales staff time. Or, you can place appointment links on social media sites, on your branded website, in emails used in your marketing campaign, or elsewhere to gain as many appointments as possible. And all booked appointments will be automatically transferred to Salesforce.

4. Valuable Customer Data is Gained for Future Marketing Use

When you utilize appointment scheduling for Salesforce CRM, you not only accomplish the immediate goal of setting appointments and making more sales, you also accumulate new knowledge of customer habits and preferences for future use. You improve your databases for use in targeted marketing campaigns and in formulating effective customer loyalty programs. The appointments and information on the actual interviews can be saved and analyzed, creating informative customer history files that you will rely on for years to come.

Thus, there really are no significant drawbacks to upgrading from the pen and paper method of making appointments or from an inferior appointment scheduling software or one that does not, at least, integrate with Salesforce. The cost is a factor, but the increased efficiency and sales will likely pay for that in short space of time.
Improving your appointment setting and management is good for all concerned. The customer or prospect receives a better experience, the sales staff is less stressed as their job becomes much easier and better organized, and business owners see their bottom lines and customer bases grow at faster rates.

Investing in appointment scheduling for Salesforce CRM is a "win-win" that you will never regret. It provides valuable benefits that boost marketing at every level and integrates into your existing systems seamlessly.