Creating a good business website is very important for any progressive business. As companies get more competitive the need to stand out becomes more pronounced. With today’s consumers spending a short time reading content and quickly moving on to the next interesting thing, businesses need to explore new ways of promoting their goods or services to potential customers at a glance.

There are a few things that seem common to most human beings, they like eye catching stuff. This means bold colors, outstanding content and identifying with your product.

The topic of ease of navigation on web pages and search engine optimization is covered and for good cause. Prospects need to be led to your website when they type in a query on a search engine.

What has not been covered as much is how to totally impress the prospect once they have visited your website

1.    Have quality content.

While creating SEO articles there is a danger of having content that is disconnected with customer experience .When creating content, be it imagery, narrative or video, create content that shows the customer you understand their need and will be around to meet it whenever they need you.
Content must always be simple, real and helpful to the customer.To achieve this you can;

2.    Use an avatar

Avatars are popular in the gaming world and social forums. They can also be useful in your bid to engage customers on a business website. Having a good customer avatar is very helpful in creating a specific marketing message that will attract the prospective customer.

When creating an avatar the trick is to come up with the profile of the ideal customer your business targets. This Ideal customer will have characteristics that accurately depicts the features of the target customer pool for your business.
The profile will include what is the customer’s problem, what is the customer thinking, what is the customer lifestyle among many other questions. You can get to create a free online avatar from various websites available.

These websites give you a pre populated template that ease the process of creating you online avatar.When creating an avatar the temptation might be to get too detailed. This will create an avatar that represents a single customer rather than the target sample of customers.

This will lead to content that does not appeal to the target audience you envisioned.

3.    Web page quality

The quality of display that the customer encounters at the first glance of your website may determine whether they will want to proceed or not. It is important to ensure your website impresses at a glance.

To make sure this happens you need a good background, high quality images and excellent titles. These should be taken seriously as such you need to;

4.    Use professional photo retouching service

One of the things that make the big brands stand out is the flawless display of photos on their web pages. It is very hard to get a super quality photo that creates the exact impression you desire, hence the need for professional photo retouching

Photo retouching helps create the right light effects, the right shades of color and most importantly striking Images that tell the prospect your business is the real deal.

There are many options for this service. You can decide to purchase software such as Photoshop or submit your work to be done by various professional photo retouching services online. It is important to choose a very competent professional to do this for you.

The charges will vary according to the particular provider chosen, and so will the quality.

Photos should not only be relevant but also appropriate and attractive to the customer. They should most have all communicate the solution you offer to the customer.

5.    Cool Letters

With a good image and content, your website can still achieve a better visual display. It is important to choose fonts that are easy on the eye. There are many font designs out there invariouswebsites. Most photo editing soft wares will also have some nice designs.

The use of cool letters is almost unlimited, it is important to match the colors of the letters you choose with the background and the pictures.

Choose appropriate font sizes and be sure to have headings followed by short paragraphs or bulleted points.


While the above tips will work, they will only work when mixed together right to achieve your goal in harmony.