In this day and age it pays to be wise with money. Things are more expensive all the time and it pays to have some nouce when it comes to cash management. If you don’t, then it is only you who is missing out. There are all kinds of ways to make money and keep your account healthy, some are practiced everyday, others not at all. Knowledge is the first step towards power in this regard. 

You need to be able to know what to do and how to save your money before you see any improvements. You can find some tips here, you may already employ some of them, but if not give them a try and see how you fare. They can inspire you towards further ideas that can see your accounts looking pretty good.

The Easy Stuff

This concerns the petty stuff, the easy how to save money rules that all should follow. Such as not falling into traps the retail stores set for you, or by being savvy and using comparison sites to check your internet and car insurance before going through with the purchase. There are a glut of simple ways you can be saving money, make sure you follow them. If you follow the easy stuff, like shopping around and being careful, you can stop yourself needlessly spending hundreds, if not thousands a year. Just taking those extra few minutes or hours to research something a little more in depth can make the world of difference when it comes to money.

Use CD’s and ISA’s

Now it becomes a little more complicated, but essentially is regarding how you should be managing your money in your savings account. Make it work for you. Don’t just keep it in the same account where it can’t build interest. Use a CD, or a certificate of deposit. These are essentially long term saving accounts. The agreement is that whatever you put into the account cannot be touched for a certain amount of time. In return, you will receive high rates of interest and a return on your investment. These can usually be quite substantial depending on how much you choose to invest. An ISA is pretty much the same thing. You should shop around and look for the best one you can find, make sure it is reliable and also has a good rate of interest. If your money is sat in the bank, you might as well use it for something. Just be sure you won’t need it in the length of time you have pledged.

Credit Cards

Use them wisely and you’ll see a great opportunity to make money back. If you need to purchase something large, a credit card can help mitigate the cost. First, because it is obviously easier to pay something back monthly, but also because many cards offer an up to twenty percent cashback on your first purchase. Meaning you get money back just for paying like this. Use it, then pay the card off straight away. What are you left with? The ability to buy something and get up to twenty percent off for free.