There’s no denying that the world has undergone immense change since the turn of the millennium. Nonetheless, our basic needs haven’t evolved. Health and happiness are still at the top of everyone’s agenda. 
The route to health and happiness is arguably a little different than previous generations. Even when the basic principles are similar, the methods used to achieve those goals are somewhat different. So how can a millennial set out to accomplish the two things that most people agree to be the most important in human life? 

Here’s all you need to know. 

Make healthy eating affordable and fun. Nutrition is the foundation of healthy living, but it shouldn’t be a short-term diet plan. The only way to master this aspect of human life is to find an approach that offers sustainability. These recipes will show you how to become a master of a kitchen without breaking the bank. When your body is fuelled with the right foods, you cannot go wrong. Just remember that good hydration is pivotal too.   
Make time for exercise. Modern life is frantic, which makes it easy to ignore the importance of physical exercise. However, your body demands regular activity, and you must find ways to achieve it. If you aren’t naturally inclined to enjoy the gym, these fun activities are just for you. Let’s face it; you’ll be far more likely to keep up those regular sessions when they are fun. If you’re still struggling for motivation, it may be worth teaming up with a friend. Not only will it provide extra inspiration, but it will add a sense of sociability. 
Stop ignoring the indications that your body is giving you regarding health issues. The internet is unquestionably a brilliant thing, but self-diagnosis websites are not. Millennials are more vulnerable than most, and often use online facilities rather than seeing a doctor. Misdiagnosing yourself will only encourage the situations to worsen. Aside from anything else, a professional opinion will put your lack of clarity to bed. Most importantly, if there is a problem, they’ll be able to point you towards the best action. 

Learn to appreciate the importance of mental health issues. Unlike physical injuries, other people cannot see these. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to keep your mental health in great condition. Spotting the signs of depression, anxiety and other conditions will aid your battle. Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that sufferers are no longer alone. You wouldn’t ignore physical pains, so don’t ignore mental issues. After all, a happy and clear mind is the greatest gift of all.   
Chase a career that offers emotional and financial rewards. We spend far too long at work to feel unsatisfied, especially as the earning potential impacts our personal lives too. Research care jobs in to find out more about some of the most rewarding roles available. In truth, we all have different aspirations regarding our careers. Nevertheless, finding a job that doesn’t even feel like work will improve your happiness. Let’s face it; it will probably boost your health as well as your wealth also. 
Create time for your loved ones. Enjoying your career and establishing strong links with your colleagues is great. But your friends and family are the true sources of happiness. Life is about creating magical moments. Whether it’s booking the perfect holiday or simply being there for them when they need you most doesn’t matter. Sharing your life with the most important people will bring the greatest awards imaginable. Sadly, many millennials lose sight of those simple joys. Don’t be one of them. 

Be charitable. Sometimes in life, the best way to help yourself is to help others first. While this shouldn’t come at your own expense, those efforts can provide a huge sense of internal joy. Combining this idea with others can be a match made in heaven, which is why charity runs and events are a great option. However, simply donating old clothes and unwanted goods to those in need can be equally rewarding. Find something that works for you, and it will enrich your life greatly. 
Find love. The Beatles were probably wrong by saying it’s the only thing you need. Nonetheless, love is one of our most basic needs and is one that is often lost in the world of serial dating through Tinder. There’s nothing wrong with casual dating, but there comes a time when the closeness of a serious relationship is far more appealing. When that time comes, this guide at is well worth a read.   
Realise that looks aren’t everything. Make no mistake; looking great makes us feel great. However, the quality of your character is far more important than those aesthetic elements. Besides, nobody likes a vain individual. Find the right balance to take care of yourself without becoming obsessed, and you should be just fine. 
Stop comparing yourself to others. No two people are identical, and we are all completing our own pathways. Social media has certainly made it easier to become jealous because people tend to promote a happier existence than the reality. Even if you’re neighbour, colleague or friend is doing better than you in some areas; it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re moving to a brighter future, everything is just fine. 

Never stop learning. Human minds naturally crave increased knowledge and experience. Even if you’ve finished your institutionalised education, you can still develop further skills. Whether it’s learning a new language or understanding new computer software doesn’t matter. Empowering yourself by striving to become a better person will only ever bring positivity to your world. Do not underestimate its importance. 
Get a better night’s sleep. Poor sleeping patterns will inevitably impact your looks, physical health, and mental happiness. The importance of a great mattress cannot be emphasised enough, and these tips from will provide huge help. However, it’s not just about the duration of your rest. Learn to put the smartphone down for an hour before bed so that your body can relax and prepare for recuperation. Seriously, you’ll see and feel the difference in no time. 
Avoid negative influences. Removing the worst aspects of your life can be equally as beneficial as any positive addition. Whether it’s quitting cigarettes or ending harmful relationships doesn’t matter. Ensuring that you are only surrounded by things that promote health and happiness will unlock far greater outcomes. 

Actively plan to be healthy and happy. Good organisational skills are vital in many aspects. Nonetheless, by sitting down to think about those aspirations, you’ll encourage a far greater mindset. Once you have the crosshairs set on a target, that drive and determination should work wonders. The human mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal. So make the most of it. 
Those tips aren’t the only key elements to gaining health and happiness. Ultimately, we are all different, and it’s your responsibility to find out what will bring optimum joy to your world. Nonetheless, the sooner you appreciate the importance of working towards those goals, the better. 
Becoming a healthier, happier person is one of the greatest gifts of all. However, you aren’t the only person that will benefit from those rewards. You’ll additionally become a better friend and family member by influencing your loved ones in a positive manner. 
If that isn’t an incentive to start paying greater attention to your personal situation, then what is?