The first date with someone is always the same old affair. Drinks, or a meal, and certainly after a few months of being on the dating treadmill it can get very mundane. Going through the same routine of doing your hair and getting your nice light blue suit on, it becomes an absolute bore, which is a shame because the person you're on the date with is probably lovely. 

The solution is to mix up your dating activities a bit. The dinner and drinks routine is old hat now, and there are plenty of things to do outside of that, and it certainly would make a date more interesting if you find you’ve got nothing to talk about! Check out these suggestions.

A Museum

This could be the decider for many dates. If you’re both looking to expand your minds and get some culture in, going to the museum would be a good step to take. I know many history and art buffs that relish in going on this type of date. And it’s usually a cheap date too. If you wanted you could buy a coffee afterward. The quiet environment of a museum helps for lulls in the conversation too so you can think up what to say next.

A Supercross Event

If your date is an energy fiend and likes to go to outdoor events and sports, you can't get more exciting than a Supercross motorbike event. The roar of the crowd coupled with the thrum of the engine is a great atmosphere to take in on a third or fourth date. There are many events dotted around the world that Monster Energy present and the excitement in watching the fast-paced race compensates for conversation dips, and you will get a great idea of if your date is a keeper if they enjoy these high-octane events!

A Burlesque Show

If you tire of the normal comedy show nights out on dates where the comic picks on you and asks your date if they are enjoying, it can make for a really stressful night out. There are other ways to enjoy a live event without being made to feel embarrassed, and if you enjoy alternative live events, a burlesque show is a great way to spend a night out. It is different enough, and sensual enough, to get you or your partner in the mood.

Spend The Night In An Unusual Place

Hotels are very expensive at the best of times, so why don’t you try and enjoy a night in somewhere with a bit more quirkiness to it. You could try a luxury treehouse, a “boatel” (a boat hotel, of course), or even a luxury cowshed! Or if you really want to get away from people, the simplest and cheapest answer is to buy a tent and go camping. If you both like getting out in nature, this is simple, and it can help to solidify a relationship while adding a sense of danger to it. Going on a date can be stressful whether it’s your first or thirty-first, so pick something interesting.