You're not going to parent the 80s way. We're much more paranoid and protective nowadays. It's a wonder how 80s kids managed to survive growing up. Check out all the dangerous things you grew up with:

1. Riding in a vehicle like this was okay, apparently. Yeah, totally not dangerous!

2. Kids at the wheel.

3. Kids were not supervised or watched all the time.

4. Sunblock wasn't a big thing back then.

5. Helmets? Knee pads? Gloves? - All for losers.

6. Second hand smoke.

7. Kids using the kitchen, unsupervised.

8. Baby car seats? Forget that.

9. Your mom most likely smoked. While you were pregnant.

10. Playdates had no adults.

11. Kids picked up smoking at a young age.

12. These toys.

13. Fireworks for kids. No problem.

14. The playground was epic. But holy shit, that's scary looking.

15. Older kids watching younger kids.