This is arguable but farting could be the second best experience most people could ever have. The first is of course debatable - sex or taking a dump. But while farting does feel incredibly awesome, it might come with a dose of embarrassment. Here are 15 places you might hold it in for a little longer.

1. While wearing headphones and in the air. You won't know how loud it'll be.

2. At a date. Fart somewhere else please.

3. During sex. It happens though.

4. At a club because sweat + fart is smellier.

5. In front of your coworkers. Okay we're kidding. This is totally fine. You see them everyday!

6. At your boss's face. Unless you want to get fired.

7. At an interview. Because editing it out would mean less views!

8. At the altar. Just hold it in for a while longer.

9. In the elevator with someone. Even worse is if there are only 2 people in it.

10. In the jacuzzi because that's totally rude.

11. If you're in a bath tub. You won't know if it's going to be something else..

12. If you're crying your eyes out and there's someone in the car. Moment totally ruined.

13. At the dentist. You don't want a slip of hand.

14. While in line, because the people in front and back will turn to look at you. Quickly turn around to look at the one at the back to avoid the stares.

15. In a quiet classroom. Everyone is going to hear it rip.