2016 was a year filled with brilliant world record achievements from all around the globe. From long journeys by hover boards to speed eating contests and dancing robots here is the countdown for the best of 2016’s world record accomplishments.

Human Mattress Dominoes

One of the most popular world records created in 2016 was the record for the largest human mattress dominoes which was recorded at the Gaylord Resort and Conference Centre in National Harbour, Maryland, USA. The accomplishment was completed the first time around and took 13 minute and 38 seconds. 1,200 people participated in the successful attempt and they all made a soft landing onto the firm mattresses as they all toppled one by one.  The organisers of the world record rented out two exhibition halls which covered 70,000 square feet for the world record attempt, realising they would need a large space to accommodate the feat. They utilised a dominoes expert who was on hand to set up the 34 rows of mattresses which were manufactured by Woodhaven Industries.  The attempt was successful and broke the previous record which was held by German company HöffnerMöbelgeslschaft and had 1,150 participants.

New London Marathon Record Titles

In 2016 The London Marathon was in full swing again and saw a whole host of world records broken. There were 55 attempts in total at the Virgin Money London Marathon and 32 Guinness World Records were broken during the run. The marathon saw Sean Fitzpatrick break the record for fastest run, as the man who was dressed as a film character finished the race in the extraordinary time of 2 hours 39 minutes and 9 seconds. Then there was the fastest male runner in a nurse’s uniform, Alistair Smith and Mark Campbell who also completed the race in record time wearing a scout’s uniform. The fun world record breaking accomplishments don’t end there! There was a man who won the fastest race dressed as a plant, two men who completed the face in record time as a three-legged duo and even a winner who won fastest time dressed as a lobster!

The Fastest Marathon In Space

Running on land aside, one of the greatest feats for marathon running was achieved 400km above earth on the International Space Station. ESA astronaut Tim Peake achieved a brand new Guinness World Record title for the fastest marathon in orbit as he ran the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon above earth on-board the International Space Station in an impressive 3 hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds! The amazing feat was captured live via a video link by Guinness World Records Head Marco Frigatti at the European Astronaut Centre of ESA in Cologne. Tim Peake managed to run the 26.2 miles whilst circling the earth simultaneously around 2 and a half times at an altitude of 250 miles high. Tim wore a harness during the attempt which substituted for the pull of gravity and kept him from flying off the treadmill he used to run the marathon.

Farthest Flight By Hoverboard

2016 was also the year that saw French Jet Ski champion Franky Zapata set a new Guinness World Record for the most distance travelled on a hoverboard. He made the spectacular attempt off the coast of Sausset –les-Pins in the South of France and succeeded, rising 50 meters above the surface. He managed to cross a distance of 2,252 meters, surpassing the previous world record of 275.9 meters which was held by Canadian inventor CatalinAlexandruDuru. Zapata passed by a fleet of boats and Jet Skis on his futuristic hoverboard called the Flyboard Air which was developed by his own company Zapata Racing. If you’re interested in hoverboards and need to get your own why not grab your very own gold hoverboardfrom UKBigBuy. You can also find swegways for sale at the same company.

Most Robots Dancing At The Same Time

Lastly in Shenzhen, China another Guinness World Record was broken when UBITECH Robotics Corp set a brilliant new record for the most robots dancing simultaneously during the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Incredibly, 540 robots danced perfectly in sync as backing dancers for Chinese singer Sun Nan as it was filmed and broadcast as part of a variety show which can see around 700 million viewers each year. Sun Nan performed a song called ‘Going To The Top’ which celebrated the highly acclaimed technological achievements of China. Expertly set up by a team of 24 professionals with technical prowess, the robots proved to be spectacularly flawless and in perfect time with the music.