Traveling often is not within everyone's reach. Some people have to live with constraints of time, health, family, money, etc. Fortunately, I do not have these constraints and I have the chance to travel regularly. For the past seven years, I have traveled 11 times to discover a total of about 20 countries. The length of my travels vary enormously, from several months for some to just a week for others.

Skipping a meal on a trip would be for me like missing out on a good part of my stay!Food is one of the aspects I prefer when traveling, simply because cooking is an integral part of many cultures. I also like watch live streaming cooking shows in whatever area I am. This helps with noting what food to try if I get confused.

I am always a little sad when I meet travelers who prefer to prepare their meals in the kitchen of their hotel. What is the point of going to India to eat only Pizzas? Traveling to Thailand or Vietnam without eating Pho? Depriving yourself of a steak in Argentina?

By asking the question, I could learn that many of these travelers have a legitimate concern - eating out is very expensive. It would take an astronomical budget to eat every day at the restaurant.As a backpacker, people often think that like all backpackers, I prepare meals myself and thus circumvent the problem. Yet I do not cook very often.

I'm lazy and I hate the poorly equipped kitchens of hotels or hostels. Therefore I learned how to take 99% of my meals outdoors while saving my money.It takes a little thought but it is possible.

Places Where You Can Eat cheap


Although they do not always offer the best food, buffets offer a very good value, especially when it comes to an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can fill up on food for the day in one meal. (Lastly, it's not enough for me, but I can keep a good part of the day and avoid snacks). Buffets are therefore a good plan from an economic point of view since you will get a lot for your money. It usually takes around 10 euros.

Street Vendors

Small stalls that sell hot dogs, sausages, sandwiches and things like that are good places to have a quick and cheap meal. During my trip to Munich for the Oktoberfest, I could survive thanks to this type of merchants - I found sausages for about 3 euros.These fast and cheap meals will probably never win a Michelin star but they will guarantee you a full belly without emptying your wallet.

Street Food

In many places around the world (and especially in Asia), the streets are filled with small stands lined up next to each other and spaces where food is prepared in the open. We take a plate, we sit on a small plastic chair, and we can enjoy a delicious dish. Street food is one of the best cuisines in the world. The meals offered on this type of stand (different street vendors who have somewhat stronger stalls) usually cost less than 1 euro and are great opportunities to really taste the local cuisine.

Many countries - like Thailand or India - would no longer be the same if Street Food disappeared.