A weekend exploring the great outdoors is a fantastic way to connect with the world around you, get some exercise, and enjoy the company of friends or family.

No matter where you go across the United States, you’re bound to find some stunning environments to wander. It’s vital, though, to prepare for the conditions you’re likely to face, especially in winter; still, even in warmer months, many settings are still windy, wet, and wild.

The right clothing is absolutely critical – not only for your comfort, but to protect you from challenging conditions. To help you face Mother Nature in all her moods, we’ve picked six innovative brands producing high-quality outdoors gear you can’t be without …

Taylor Stitch – The Puffy Blanket in Aloha

Tayor Stitch’s Puffy Blanket is designed to keep you warm, snug, and relaxed in all manner of environments and conditions. Crafted from 20D polyester on the front, with a durable, water-resistant coating, as well as a ripstop nylon back, this features the same technical materials you’ll see in high-performance sleeping bags and outdoors jackets.

This repels stains, water, and odors, and is easy to pack for storage and carrying.

Millstrand Co. – Bruyn All-Weather Jacket

This stylish navy jacket features bold brick-red trims for an understated yet eye-catching combination. Beyond its timelessly-cool aesthetic, though, Millstrand Co. Bruyn All-Weather Jacket is a powerhouse of comfort and rugged durability.

With a lightweight feel, this waterproof piece is made from 320-denier nylon, and features various pockets and zippers (all waterproof, to minimize frustrating leaks). The Millstrand Co. brand is all about high-quality, highly-functional pieces that provide maximum warmth and snugness.

Western Rise – Granite Camp Pants

Western Rise’s Granite Camp Pants are designed for all kinds of outdoor adventures, crafted for tough, durable, yet comfortable wear.

These are made with double-weave nylon and a robust exterior to minimize tears and abrasion from rocks and other environmental features that take a toll on standard clothing. They also boast a water-repellent coating, and are incredibly stretchy and breathable.

Trakke – Assynt Backpack 17

British brand Trakke’s line of Assynt vintage canvas backpacks are beautifully rugged, understated, and practical.

Handcrafted in Scotland (a country with its fair share of blustery, challenging environments), the Assynt Backpack 17 features a large main compartment, an interior zip-pocket for secure storage, a laptop sleeve, and a padded, comfortable belt and sternum strap (both invaluable for hikes).

Miscellaneous Adventures – Nature Warriors Sword Tee

Another British brand, Miscellaneous Adventures produces a range of indispensable pieces designed for the true outdoors-enthusiast.

Their Nature Warriors Sword Tee is a combination of cool design and high-quality manufacture. Made with 100% cotton for comfort and breathability (especially in warmer conditions), this is ideal to wear underneath a sweater or jacket; remember, it’s best to layer up so you can regulate your temperature by removing one at a time.

The print is a bold image of a sword-cum-tree – all you need to feel like you truly belong in Mother Nature’s company!

Finisterre – Sealand Beanie

Finisterre’s Sealand Beanie has a cool, simple design (complete with pompom), and is knitted from wool / alpaca blend yarn to keep your head comfortable and warm. The fisherman’s rib stitching provides an authentic ‘rugged outdoorsy’ finish.

With these pieces, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable weekend in all kinds of beauty spots, from brutal windswept hilltops to radiant sun-kissed valleys!