Want to get more Instagram followers – well it may not be as hard as you think. These tips are here to help you increase your yield and reach more people.

1. Get Involved

If you want people to follow you and interact with your account, you need to do the same thing for them. Spend time exploring this social media platform, and engage others as much as possible. Slowly but surely, you will start to see more likes and comments on your pictures.

If you only add your own photographs, but do not take the time to look at those posted by others, you will not be nearly as successful as you would be if you put a little effort into the process. You never know how someone is going to find your account; they just might see one of your comments on a picture they are looking at and discover you that way. They may also follow you simply because you like one of their pictures. Remember that the next time you log on to Instagram. Don't be a passive user. The more you interact, the more attention you will get. That should translate into additional followers.

2. Turn Several Pictures Into One

Instagram is a very visual social media site. The pictures that you post matter. Why not go for the maximum possible impact and combine multiple pictures into just one image. There are tools that can help you do this; PicStitch is one. When you create these types of images, you make something that is visually interesting. That means you should get more likes and comments; all that attention should lead to additional followers as well. However, don't just throw something together; put some effort into it and only use your best content.

3. Know When To Post

It is important to post pictures when people are online and able to see them. Making a 2 a.m. post, therefore, is usually not the best idea. It doesn't even really matter how good your picture is in this example; you probably will not get new followers if you do this.

Most people use Instagram either in the morning or when they are heading home from the office. In particular, if you can put up a picture between 5 and 6, you should be in good shape. If you can post at that time, make sure you do. More people should see your image. Keep in mind that after several hours pass, your image is not likely to get much more attention.

4. Use Filters

Instagram's initial success really revolved around filters. They transform images into something special, and they have the ability to get people to engage with your picture. Use them.