Red turns heads. Captures your attention. And makes you look. Even though overused in almost every aspect and industry from business logos to dresses and more, red is an evergreen kind of color that is here to stay.

It’s iconic

Even before fashion became mainstream, red was already the go-to color to stand out. It didn’t matter the cut, the style, or the accessory it was on. Red is consistently seen on every designer’s collection. It speaks haute couture and is somehow a must have in every fashion interpretation.

Most notably, red has become so iconic in fashion simply because of celebrities putting on the color to turn our heads. From Marilyn Monroe, to Farrah Fawcett, and from red carpet events to movies, the popularization of red is somewhat legend already. You can add to your collection of red by checking out collections in Paylesser India here.

But from a scientific point of view, it can mostly be attributed to how our brains process the color. Which leads us to the next point.

Color psychology

The human brain processes the color red and is identified by scientists as a neuro-attraction mechanism. Experiments show that it triggers a primal response in our brains, and fashion has managed to capitalize on this. In fact, when studied closely, the human brain simply can’t turn away from the color red at all. The next time you're trying to turn some heads, try wearing a red top, or a red dress. It'll definitely work.

It goes beyond attraction

Other than attraction, red has the power to give advantage because of its intimidating brightness and intensity. It speaks of success and achievement, and yet at the same time, of failure and threat. It’s conflict and compromise, trying to find a balance, and it especially becomes alluring when on clothes, business logos, and many other things.

It even applies to our toys. Can you ever picture a Ferrari that's not in red? Although, admittedly, it does look good in other colors.

It speaks of dominance

Beyond the conflict and compromise, red can also somehow boost a person’s confidence, which in this case becomes the power color to wear when competing in sports, or even business. Anyone wearing red immediately becomes powerful in that sense. In fashion terms, a woman in red is somehow seen as more alpha compared to those dressed in lighter colors.

It’s a staple in every girl’s wardrobe

While fashion may be fickle in design, it is color they have their faith in. Everyone who has shopped for style and looking for coupons on places like Myntra Coupons surely know that red is truly a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. From lipstick to shoes, from dresses to tops, from belts to bags, red is here to stay. Perhaps forever, in the fashion world.

So, don't have anything else to wear tonight? How about something red?