Until you start planning your own wedding, you may not actually realise just how expensive they can be. Unless you have very generous parents or a decent amount of savings already, it’s going to take time to get the money you need. 

This is often why it takes some couples years to gain the funds they need to have their dream wedding. If you have limited finances, you might be worried that your wedding won’t be the lavish affair you’ve always dreamed of. Thankfully there are some fun and creative ways you can do in your spare time to help fund your wedding and make it truly awesome.

Sell jewellery

If you have free time in the evenings and on the weekends and know all about selling products online, you could start a jewelry business. You can buy stock from elf925 wholesale jewelry, take photos and start selling these items for a profit. Look at what other jewellery companies are selling so you know what is on trend and what customers want. It may take some time to drum up business, so wear the items you are selling and show it off to your friends and work colleagues. This should create some interest in your products. Also, create some business cards that you can hand out and leave in coffee shops and craft stores. This should give you a manageable business that will give you some additional income that can go straight into your wedding fund.

Become a dog walker

If you love dogs or already have a dog, why not make money when you take your daily walks. In your spare time, you can get paid to walk other people’s dogs while they are at work or away from home. This service is something that is always needed by pet owners and could give you the extra money you need. You have the freedom to set your own rates and availability meaning you can fit it around your work life. Plus it will also keep you fit and toned before your big day.  Place adverts in dog groomers, vets and pet stores to start earning as soon as possible. 

Rent out your home

If you live near to a popular attractions such as a football stadium or concert hall, your home could make you some serious money. Sites such as Airbnb are always looking for homeowners to rent out a room, shared space or entire house to tourists and visitors. So people who might be wanting to see a sporting event or music gig could pay you to stay in your home. Your home may also be appealing if it is in a city centre location or near to a beach. It could make a perfect vacation home for a week or two. So if you don’t mind spending the night at a family member’s home and opening your home to strangers, this could be an ideal money making scheme.

So don’t despair about saving up for your wedding. With these ideas to help you, lack of funds for your wedding needn’t be a concern anymore. You may even gain the money you need quicker than you think.