More and more of us are turning to do our shopping online. It is easy to see why; we don’t have to leave the house, take the kids or battle with other shoppers in the mall. We all know that we can look for discounts when we shop online, as there are a lot of voucher code websites out there. But there are actually some little tricks that you can do when shopping online, to score an even greater discount. If you don’t shop online often or don’t get the best deals that you can, then you need to read on. You’ll be saving a lot in no time.


Use Your Search Engine

When you shop online, using a search engine needs to be your best friend. You can find where sells something that you are after, rather than you just wanting to search your favorite stores. So you might find a bargain somewhere where you would never have thought to look. You can also use your search engine to find some great deals. You might not know which voucher code sites to look at, so search to find a deal. You can even be more specific with a search engine and search for something like ‘House of Fraser free delivery,’ for example. None of us want to waste our time, so search engines make things much easier and quicker.

Leave Things In Your Cart

First of all, you need to have an account with the site or store that you are shopping at; make sure that you are logged in. Then just put in all the items in your cart that you want to buy. Then you just have to be a little patient and let the cart sit for a few hours or overnight. Retailers are keen to seal the deal. Those dresses you added are surely going to get cheaper. They can see you have chosen things that you want, so want you to finish and buy them. So as long as you’re logged in, you are highly likely to get an email through asking why you haven’t checked out yet. More often than not there is a discount code included in the email.

Be Active on Social Media

Many large and even smaller retailers are on social media. So be sure to follow them on Twitter or like their page on Facebook. They want to reward you for your loyalty to them, so they often do exclusive codes and discounts for being a new follower. As well as regular updates on discounts as you are a follower. It's just a simple thing to do to score yourself some big discounts.

Double Up on Coupon Codes

You might have a coupon for some money off a purchase, as well as a code for a percentage off your first purchase. First of all, check the fine print on the discount. If you can use them together, then make sure that you do. Be savvy about what code you use when, though. In this case, the percentage off would be best to use first, and then the money off one. Otherwise, you will only be getting the percentage off the discounted price, rather than the full price.