It’s not secret, 2016 has been a difficult year for most. With the world in more political unrest than ever, tensions are high on the Internet. But, when you’re browsing, you don’t want to be bombarded by all of this misery. Instead, you want kitten videos and funny pictures. So, to help you find those things, this post will go through some of the best ways to do it.

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Facebook and other social media can be great for finding funny pictures and feel good videos. But, these are usually recycled, and you’ll see the same content over and over again. Instead, a website like Reddit or Imgur could save you. These sites have new content everyday, which is posted by users. They use point based systems so that the best content is easiest to find. Over time, you’ll find more and more sections of these sites that you enjoy. Reddit, for example, works like an old message board or forum. It has different categories for different types of content. If you want pictures of cute animals, you can head over to the “aww” subreddit. Or, if you want something funny, go to their “funny” section.

Or, if you want something even more specific, you might want a specialist site. Sometimes, when browsing online, you’ll find something that you particularly enough. Whether it’s new puppy or military surprise homecoming videos, you’ll find a site for it. A lot of other people love this sort of content, as well. So, you’ll have no trouble finding it with a few Google searches. A lot of these sites will also have sections on websites like Reddit. So, it’s worth having a look for them on those sites, too. This will give you a chance to get all of the content you want, without having to go through loads of different sources.

Of course, a lot of people spend most of their time on social media. And, it’s hard to drag yourself away. With your busy digital social life, it might be hard to get yourself onto different sites. So, you might want to find a more efficient way to do it. Thankfully, most websites also have social media accounts. And, to get more views, they’ll use social media for promotion. By liking the groups that share content that you like, you’ll always have it on your newsfeed. This will also make it much easier to share the content that you love with your friends. This will, in turn, also help the company that posts the content. So, you’re giving back to them for making you smile.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start looking at something fresh. It can be easy to get dragged into sad content when online. But, most of us browse for entertainment. So, feeling bad while doing it isn’t exactly ideal. Thankfully, there is always something to make you smile online. You just have to lay down the groundwork, and then you’ll always be able to find it. Don’t forget to share with your friends, though. Otherwise, there’s not much point!