‘A cup of coffee’ is our answer for ‘how you start your day?’ or ‘how do you fight drowsiness in times of work?’ Indeed, coffee is something we just can’t give up. But do you know that production of these coffee beans pollutes our environment at a significant level? No, it is not necessary to give up this beverage to save our eco-system, but yes, you can lessen the harm done to the environment, without making any sacrifice to your caffeine consumption by using these simple tricks:

1.    Just drink less

Yes, it is difficult to curtail a large amount of coffee from your diet at once, but you can at least try to reduce bit by bit. Even cutting down to one cup daily will contribute immensely to the environment. And in addition to eco-friendly reasons for drinking less coffee, you are also preserving your teeth’s white color.

2.    Try cold brew

Cold brewing saves energy in two ways. You need to wait 12-24 hours to let your coffee brew at room temperature or refrigerator and then you can heat up your coffee using a microwave quickly consuming less power. Plus cold brewed coffee requires coarse grind, hence electric grinder power consumption is saved.

3.    Buy local coffee

Most coffee that you drink has travelled thousands of miles to reach to your cup. Shipping these coffee beans spews lots of smokes to the atmosphere. You can do your bit to the protection of the environment by choosing local beans that are grown nearer to your place.

4.    Look for organic coffee

Corporate coffees are prepared using chemicals, fertilizers and herbicides and lots of toxic emission to the atmosphere take place during the preparation. Organic coffees are grown naturally by farmers using organic means that don’t harm the atmosphere. If you are switching to organics for eco-system reasons, you might as well look for the fair trade certified ones because it ensures better wages for the farmers who produced the coffees.

5.    Recycle the coffee grounds

The potassium and phosphorous in the coffee grounds are great fertilizers. Next time use your heap of coffee grounds to enrich your garden soil for a better organic farming and pest-free garden! Furthermore, coffee grounds can be a part of your beauty regime and are excellent refrigerator deodorizer. 

6.    Rethink single serve coffee maker

Conserve your mother nature (and also your wallet!) by switching to reusable pods. Yes it is convenient to use single serve coffee maker, but the throw away plastic and aluminium pods are filling up the land-space of our earth and it is a major concern. Look out the better reviews for all most popular bean to cup machines, definitely not in the single serve category and switch to machines whose coffee pods can be re-used to sustain the balance of eco-system.

7.    Be prepared to spend a little more

To keep your coffee drinking habit environment-friendly, you need to be prepared to spend a little more. Brewing coffee in thermal coffee maker will not require heating your coffee later for drinking. This saves a lot of energy. It might be a little more costly, but using better coffee filters lessen energy consumption. The most important aspect is the coffee beans. Cheap coffee beans are gentle to your wallet but harmful for your health and even worse for eco-system.

These are some of the simple tricks to make your coffee gentle to the balance of the ecosystem. You can read best reviews for all most popular bean to cup machines to gather more ideas to make your coffee more eco-friendly. Making these simple changes will not be a compromise to your taste but will be gentle to the balance of our mother earth. If you want to not only make your coffee more eco friendly and taste better, find barrista courses in London.