Are you looking for a great way to spend the weekend with your friends? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We will share our thoughts on what are the best fun activities to do with friends at your leisure time. There will be listed both indoor and outdoor activities to attend, so you will get a wide choice if you are looking for stuff to do with friends.

Many people say that saturated and active holidays become memorable moments of the life and are something that they would definitely do again sometime in the future. Here, We suggest some fun things to do with your friends, including places that we recommend to visit in Calgary.

1.    Escape Room Games

When people get inside escape rooms, they feel themselves like heroes of the action movie who have to find their way to the exit through series of quests, puzzles, and challenges. The genres of the “movie” vary widely from the detective stories and explorations of ancient castles to prison breaks and heists in which you could even play the role of a criminal! Time is limited, so it is needed to make quick decisions, and participants should act cooperatively to reach the common goals. It is very fun and can even strengthen the relationship inside the group of friends.
•         The first real-life escape game was created in Japan in 2007 by Takao Kato who was inspired by the “escape the room” video games and decided to create an analog in real physical locations. Escape Room Games rapidly spread all around the Japan and were played at various clubs and bars. In the next five years first permanent escape rooms were built in fixed locations in Asia and Europe and then became popular in the United States, Canada, Japan, Israel, and China.
•         Most likely, the secret of the popularity of escape rooms lies in player's’ immersion into the game’s surroundings and the feeling that everything happens for real. For that purpose, the designers of the rooms use natural-looking scenery, requisite, traps and mechanisms, lighting and sound effects – everything for you to feel the game’s reality on yourself.
If you want to visit the escape room in Calgary, you can choose Escape Hour. It has the GameMaster hint system that will help beginners to accustom themselves to the game that can be slightly difficult at the first time to get used to, but at the same time players use hints only when they want to and they are adapted to the game’s atmosphere so the gameplay process wouldn’t be ruined and at the same time it will not be boring to be stuck in the middle of the progress.

2.    Air Balloon Rides

It is a really exciting and thrilling feeling when you get inside the air balloon basket, the instructor unties the rope, lights up the burner and you slowly lift into the air as the land below is moving away. You can also take part in the process of raising the balloon on the wind. The impressive sight appears before your eyes and you see the environs from a completely different angle. Share a feeling of flying on the wind with your friends or with the beloved one as a romantic gift and we guarantee that it will be very beautiful and unforgettable.
Air balloon rides are very popular in the top tourist locations, so you can look at the attractions from above. For example, you can take a flight over:
●    The Loire Valley around Paris in France that stretches for around 170 miles of manor houses and castles
●    The Grand Canyon over the Colorado river to see the huge gorges across the desert covered by cactuses and rolling stones
●    The Pyramids in Egypt
●    African safari in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania over the tropics and exotic animals like zebras, lions, wildebeests, giraffes, leopards, etc.
●    Cappadocia – the region in Turkey with peculiar terrain of strange rock formations and chiseled dwellings
●    And many others

3.    Climbing walls

Compete with your friends on who will get to the top of the mountain faster! There are lots of various climbing programs in mountain regions all around the world, so you can join the expedition for conquering the mountain and it will be one of the most challenging things to do with friends. If you don’t want to take a risk for life in real hills, try indoor climbing walls.
Specialized indoor climbing gyms are often adjusted for team competitions and sportsmen practice there to take part in climbing tournaments, especially if the weather conditions are not suitable to do it outdoors. The staff of the establishment can also organize a party for a group of people to play a game with challenge elements on the wall such as balance pillars, jump towers, disappearing holds and other. It is a nice way to have fun if you are looking for activities with friends. A person who’s celebrating a birthday often can get a discount.
A climbing wall is an artificially built vertical wall with hand holds and grips for feet that are screwed onto the wall. It usually has some curves that increase the difficulty of climbing. Nowadays most of them are made from plywood, but there are also wooden and brick walls (brick were the first ones to appear). For safety, the climbing person should wear a belt with the carbine through which the rope is stretched. The other person on the land has the same belt worn and ensures the support for the climbing one.
There’s Calgary Climbing Centre that is the huge climb park with different kinds of routes for beginners and professionals, for children and for adults.


I am Lech Dvorak a Manager at Escape Hour. I am trying to combine my skills and professional background to bring higher-level perspective into my work. Currently I am sharing the my experience and vision on the hot topics from the world of recreation.