It’s the end of the year! Hooray! With the change in digits comes (hopefully) and end to all the horrible celebrity deaths and your year-end bonus! Or your Christmas bonus. Or just some extra money for Christmas. Has it got to the point where you think you might be a little long in the tooth for splurging on anything?

Have you hit that point where you may be leaning towards *gulp* sensible purchases? If you are, you’re not alone. Or it may just mean you are approaching your 30’s with gusto. If you are thinking about what to do with your hard-earned or given cash, here are some nuggets to think about.

Buy An Antique

You don’t need to invest in a Faberge egg! You might want to look at what is projected to be an expensive item in the future and hang on to it, it may make for a very useful nest egg. Investing in collectibles like 100 trillion zimbabwe dollars, vintage console games, or a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, or whatever you are leaning toward. Take good care of it, and sell it off at the opportune time. Just don’t feel tempted to play with it!

Pay Off Your Credit Card

As interest rates are in some sectors the lowest they have been since 2010, it might make some sense to get your balance paid off as soon as you can. And while it isn’t a very sexy thing, and you probably feel that in some respects that it is going to waste because it’s money that you won’t see, you’re best taking advantage of the interest rates while you can!

Start An Online Business

If you’ve had dreams about making money online, and while your year-end bonus from your employer is a lovely thing, it may not be the career that you dreamed about when you were picking up your diploma. So, do your research and use your cash to make an injection into obtaining your dream career!

Invest In A Hobby You’ve Always Wanted To Do

Whether it is learning a language, or finally starting to play the guitar, having that useful amount of cash behind you will help invest in some intensive language courses that usually cost quite a lot of money. And when it comes to learning an instrument, you don’t want to be getting a cheap one, it makes the experience a lot more excruciating. Get a good quality instrument, and it will be more of a joyful experience.

Put It In The Retirement Pot

You won’t want to work forever, so why don’t you start to make higher contributions to your pension than you normally would? The more you put in now, the less you will need to work when you are older, and you can finally get in that dream cruise or a golfing holiday.

Treat Yourself!

Within reason of course. You have earned this money, so spending it on something that you will truly get enjoyment out of will feel like the fruits of your labors are completely worth it!