Despite being one of the most exciting, fun and enriching experiences a person can have, travel can also be exhausting. Lugging around heavy bags while you explore different countries is hard on your back and can be the difference between an enjoyable trip and a draining one; not to mention, it costs a lot to check baggage.

While it may seem impossible, traveling the world with just carry-on luggage is a smart way to ease some of the travel burdens, and can be easily accomplished. Here are some quick tips to help you on your next trip.

Pack Smart

It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but packing smart is the first step to being able to travel with just a carry-on. The hardest thing can often be deciding which clothes to take. Here's where the "rule of three" comes in. This rule involves only packing three particular basic items: T-shirts, underwear and socks. Follow that up with two pairs of bottoms, a light jacket, a sweater, a beanie and a scarf. Want to be more economical? Try packing only solid colors that are easier to mix and match. Generally, you should have a week's worth of outfits packed using this rule.

Where do you put all this stuff? Opt for a soft bag as this is more flexible in terms of fitting everything and accommodating the various shapes of items you pack. Try to roll your clothing and use all spaces, including the inside of your shoes.

Consolidate Accessories

People are often surprised by how many extra things they need when they travel, like cameras, books, laptops and chargers. When you only have one bag to work with, fitting these devices in can be tricky. Instead of carrying numerous paperbacks, use an e-reader with you and instead of a laptop, why not try a tablet?

Most importantly, ensuring you have a reliable smartphone is a great way to cover various needs with just one small device. It can be used as a camera, to access the internet, write blogs and communicate. To make things easier, smartphones like the Apple iPhone 7 even have battery life extenders and are waterproof, making them less likely to get damaged during travel.

Maximize Your Personal Item

While only traveling with a carry-on may make it seem like you only have one bag to work with, this doesn't have to be the case. Most airlines also allow a personal item that is rarely subjected to weight limits.

Instead of carrying a tiny purse, nothing at all or just your wallet, carry a backpack or a large handbag as your personal item. That way, you have more space to carry your gadgets and even an extra sweater. You'll be able to fit your wallet, phone and any other valuables so that they don't take up space in your carry-on and will also be close to you for safekeeping.

Traveling is an amazing opportunity that may not come around very often. Don't spoil it by overpacking and being left with the burden of heavy luggage and an extra expense. Only bringing a carry-on is possible if you follow the above tips. You'll be more comfortable and therefore more likely to enjoy all of your new experiences.