By all means, China is one of the most popular destinations all around the world. In this region, one of the oldest civilizations on Earth flourished and was complemented with the latest achievements of humanity. Let’s now have a look at the 10 most amazing spots by Hong Kong Business Fly you should visit in this country!

1. Great Wall

If there is something any traveller must see in China, the Great Wall is indeed that very attraction. The archetypal symbol of the country, this is world’s longest and most known fortification stretching for nearly 5,000 km or 3,100 miles. To see it, go to Beijing – the local sections are best preserved.

2. Huangshan

Also known as the Yellow Mountains, this is a fantastically picturesque mountain range lying in Eastern China. Formed in the Mesozoic Era, it offers great opportunities for climbing and hiking. Besides, there are many lovely villages, pine forests, and hot springs at the mountain foot.

3. The Bund of Shanghai

Also called Waitan (“Outer Beach”), it represents itself a waterfront area of Shanghai – the largest Chinese city. If you are keen on architecture, come here to see 52 buildings displaying a significant number of styles.

4. Hong Kong

Nowadays, it is a lively megapolis where the ancient culture is mixed with the fruits of modern progress. Hong Kong has everything you may need: monuments of old, luxury shopping malls, amusement parks, colossal architectural masterpieces, and beautiful green areas.

5. Tibet

The stronghold of Buddhism barely needs any long introductions. Tibet is famous for its cultural and religious heritage as well as for being world’s highest plateau. Likewise, it is located right beside the Mount Everest. In its capital city of Lhasa, there is another symbol of Tibet – the Potala Palace.

6. Forbidden City

It is another major tourist attraction in Beijing – the largest palace complex in the world. This was once the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and regular citizens were forbidden to tread on this territory. If you wish to see the finest collection of Chinese cultural relics – don’t miss your chance!

7. Yunnan

A province in the far southwest of China draws the attention of tourists all year round. Here, you get an access to minority cultures as well as to diverse natural landmarks. Among those are fantastic rice terraces in Yuanyang, a couple of national parks, and Stone Forest World Geopark.

8. Terracotta Army

This remarkable collection of life-size terracotta figures is stored in Xi'an – one of the oldest and largest cities in the country – where it was actually discovered. It depicts the grandiose army of legendary Qin Shi Huang whose reign put an end to the Warring States Period.

9. Li River

Near Guilin, a prefecture-level city in northeast China, you can see probably the most splendid karst landscape in the whole country. The Li River was recognized as one of the watery wonders of nature by America’s National Geographic Magazine.

10. Chengdu

One of the Chinese major cities is worth visiting for many reasons. Here, you can find the abundance of natural and cultural monuments, attend numerous festivals, and experience a number of art events. However, this area is also popular for being the home of the unique giant panda.