If you are starting to think about your goals for 2017, as we start to get towards the end of this year, one that you could consider which could make some huge improvements to your life could be passing your driving test – especially if you are someone who has been old enough to drive for a number of years but has been putting it off for whatever reason.

Here are three reasons to make learning how to drive and getting your licence one of your 2017 new year's resolutions:

It'll Boost Your Confidence!

Many of us who didn't learn to drive at 17 may have gotten used to not being able to drive or enjoy the freedom drivers inherently have, to go where we want, when we want. Many people after a year or two become resigned to the fact that they will always need to use public transport, and will never own their dream car (or if they do, will have to have someone else driving it for them).

As the years go by, it can almost feel like driving is an opportunity that has slipped past, and that it would be too hard to start now. Of course, this isn't actually true and many older learners are surprised at how confident they begin to feel about driving as they go through their lessons. If you thought it was something you could never do, then learning how to comfortably drive and passing your test will show you that you can achieve a lot more than you think!

There Are Some Great Tools to Help You

The internet and smartphone revolutions have made lots of things easier, and passing your driving test is no exception. Free resources, like TopTests, let you take mock theory tests to help you review before taking the real thing. If you had decided to learn to drive ten years ago, this sort of thing wouldn't have been around to help you, but now you can find all kinds of useful tools to help you meet your driving goals.

It Will Improve Your Life

Even if you don't really need a car for everyday use, holding a licence gives you a lot more flexibility and means you have new options when it comes to things like longer distance trips to visit people. It can also make you more employable, as even some jobs that don't necessarily need to be done by a driver may benefit from being held by someone who can do things like drive to meetings on other sites.
These are just three reasons why learning to drive makes for a great goal you could set yourself at the start of 2017, which will give you some immediate and important benefits when you reach it!