Although most celebrities look really young, you would actually be surprised at how old they really are. There are many things they do to ensure they stay looking young and feeling healthy and good throughout their lives.
They have the money they need for the plastic surgery to look younger than they are. However, there are other things they do to stay fit, looking young, feeling happy, and overall living a better life than many of us. Here are six celebrities who still look great in their 40s.

1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is over 40 years old and looks really great for her age. Many of us wonder how she stays looking so fit and young. She does have the money to go to whatever gym she desires, get whatever plastic surgery she wants, and she eats healthy while exercising. It seems like she looks better with age.

The older she gets, the better she looks. Watching her on the show, “Friends” back in the 90s, she was so young back then. However, as she ages, she looks more and more stunning. We might not ever know her secret to staying looking young, though.

2. Charlie Sheen

Although Charlie Sheen looks great for being over 40, he is crazy within himself. Sheen has been in the tabloids for so many reasons. However, one way he stays looking young and feeling great is because he doesn’t smoke real cigarettes. However, he does use a vapor and gets the nicotine level he needs from that.

There is even a Charlie Sheen e-cigarette available on the Internet. You can choose your desired nicotine level, the type of vaporizer you want, and order it online. They are pretty convenient if you are trying to quit smoking because e-cigs are better for your overall health since they don’t have as much nicotine in them. However, they do have the amount you need to get through your day and you can take them anywhere and even smoke them where regular cigarettes are not allowed.

3. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp looks really great for his age and he is over 40. He also smokes e-cigarettes instead of real cigarettes and he knows that they are in now with everyone. He doesn’t just smoke them at home when he is off the set but he even vapes on the set of his movies.

Yeah, Depp knows how hip these things are. It makes you wonder if he was smoking one on the set of his movie, “Into the Woods” where he played a big bad wolf. That would be pretty awesome to see smoke coming out of his nose and mouth while he is puffing like a wolf.

4. Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox played on the show “Friends” alongside Jennifer Aniston and right along with Aniston, she is aging good too. The older she gets, the better looking she gets and everyone knows she has had some kind of plastic surgery done to make herself look this good.

Or it could even be that she doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, exercises, and eats right to ensure she stays looking as young as she does. We should all take a page from the health book of Aniston and Cox because it seems they know what they are doing to look good, feel good, and be happier overall in their life.

5. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani really looks great for her age and like the rest of them, she is aging good. Most people look old before they age because of the way they live. However, Stefani knows she has to look great to make her music, be able to dance around at her concerts, and look great on TV. Because of this, she lives the best way she can. She exercises, eats healthier than most of them do, and stays away from smoking regular cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.

6. Madonna

Madonna may be the queen of looking great for being over 40. She looked pretty in pink for her 1984 ’Material Girl’ music video and even rocked the Super Bowl in 2012.. She knows how to live her life and live it great without anything stopping her. Like Aniston, Cox, and Stefani, taking a page from her book can ensure you live the happiest life possible.

If we lived the way these celebrities do, we would not only live longer, but be healthier and happier overall ensuring our lives were the best way they could be. Living like one of these celebs and staying away from smoking, drugs, and alcohol, smoking e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes, can provide a better life for us overall.