Trampolines are a fun and active hobby that can be a great source of enjoyment for adults and children, alike. But in recent years, statistics for children's accidents have risen due to poorly constructed trampolines, and many of those accidents were caused by the units not being properly constructed or having designs that cause rather than reduce injuries.

Everyone knows that trampolining is a great way to get kids and adults active and social, so what factors should be considered when trying to find the right unit for your family?

While governmental trampoline safety standards are sadly not rising to meet the increase in child injury, one company has redesigned the trampoline from the ground up — and eliminated 90% of product related injuries.  Springfree Trampoline has developed a trampoline that completely removes the springs (and the injuries like pinching and tearing that comes with them) and has also moved the hard metal frame underneath the jumping surface.

The SoftEdge mat is 30 times more shock-absorbent than traditional trampoline pads and where the edge of the mat ends, the FlexiNet enclosure begins, supported by the same composite rods that replace the springs — giving a durable, but pliable support system for the jumper.

In fact, the FlexiNet can guide a 200 lb. man safely to the ground — so imagine how gentle it will be with your child. If you want a trampoline that meets and even exceeds current standards of safety, design, and manufacturing, consider a Springfree Trampoline for sale in Canada today. Your family will thank you for it and so will your conscience.

Many trampolines are simply not built to last, and may even begin to degrade after their first use. Many consumers complain that their trampolines deteriorate after being left out in the hot sun and soaking rain, or being placed in areas where soil acidity breaks down the materials that frame the unit, therefore making it vulnerable to safety hazards and potential injuries of children and adults.

Families want a weather-resistant trampoline. Of course with any trampoline, maintenance and care should be of upmost importance from day one, but many now come with rust-resistant, galvanized steel frames, and enclosures with netting to keep kids safe while they are being entertained.

We all want our children and families to experience the fun and joy that comes from playing together on such units, but how to go about finding the right trampoline for your whole family? Springfree Trampoline understands these concerns and has built a sturdy frame that can withstand years of sun and rain — even with daily use by adults and children alike, and the material used in the construction is UV resistant and long-lasting.

The concept of a weather-resistant trampoline is increasing in popularity as many people want to protect their investment, and ensure that they are not having to go out and buy another one every couple of years due to poor quality materials that cannot withstand the elements, which is why Springfree trampolines are built and tested rigorously on-site before they are sold, and quality assurance is on the top of their priority list.