Did you know that on average, humans have gotten significantly taller over the last couple of centuries? If you’ve ever been to a historic building like an eighteenth century castle, you can’t help but noticing how low the ceilings were.

People have literally adapted to modern life by taking up more space and soaking up the more widely spread nutrition available in childhood. We’ve also benefitted enormously from modern medicine, meaning that our bodies can grow to a further extent than they ever could in the past. How has this physical evolutionary trend affected our psychology, though?

It’s very possible that because humans are generally taller now, height disparities between us are more acutely felt, but a simple fix like height insoles from Add Height can do a lot to help most people out. Being shorter than average, especially for a man in this day and age, can really affect the way one views the self.

To be perpetually looked down upon, in addition to feeling less masculine, less athletic, or less attractive, creates a sense of worthlessness and despair that might easily lead to depression in a media-saturated social climate. Many workplaces and businesses trade in the currency of power, and height translates fairly quickly into dominance and influence in such situations. To give yourself a boost and create opportunities for your own self-esteem to grow, here are a few options that can help you navigate difficult waters:

• Heels

If you’re a woman, this is fairly ordinary, but even so, beware — high heels worn over long stretches of time can create serious back problems.

• Shoes with lifts

These are shoes that come with built-in invisible heels. Issues can arise when the style of one particular pair doesn’t match the professional or upscale look you’re going for. They can also be a little stiff and uncomfortable, especially if the lift is too drastic.

• Insoles

Insoles are practical and convenient, but even these, when badly made, can throw you off balance. The secret is to get the best quality product from a company like Add Height, with only a modest lift, so that they’re not noticeable, and to make sure you remember to switch them into whichever shoes you want to wear.

For some, just adding an inch or two to the heels can mean a lot. This little bit closes the distance between yourself and the others surrounding you, if you’re short, or gives you the appearance of standing slightly above the rest, if you’re of average height. The dangers only really appear when the foot isn’t properly supported, because then not only are you damaging your back but you’re also removing the effect of self confidence by making yourself uncomfortable.

A premium insole from a company like Add Height, when made with supportive and soft materials like silicone and memory foam, both stabilizes the foot and minimizes foot, back, and knee pain. They’re constructed for long term use, and won’t flatten with time and wear like most others.