Have you ever woken up thinking about your dream? Have you ever dreamt about a friend and wondered what that meant? We have all been there but what do our dreams say about our lives?

According to many scientists dreams simply indicate what is on a person’s mind at that moment. Their purpose is to express our emotions in a way that confuses us so much that we have to take the time to think about it.

Many people, magazines and websites suggest writing your dreams down as soon as you get up! Leave it for a week and then look back on what you were dreaming about.

But some people think dreaming does not exist at all. It is something we imagine once we have woken up from a long night's sleep. We simply think these people have never had a great night's sleep on one of our Sealy Mattresses.

Dreams and their meaning

Below are some of the top ten most common dreams and their meanings. We hope this can help with some of your many questions about your dreams.

Finding an unused room:

You might have dreamt up a blank and empty space but now your mind is blank as to what it means. Apparently a blank, unused room symbolises new beginnings, new abilities and outlooks. It is all very positive unless that doesn’t relate currently to your life, which might make this even more confusing.

Flying vs. Falling:

If you wake up having dreamt of flying or falling there can be a number of different meanings. Insecurity, anxiety, true love, freedom or simply just falling. Once again it relates back to your own life. If your dream sees you falling through water it seems that you are supposedly intoxicatedly in love with someone. Who may that be you ask? Who knows! Maybe you do?

Unprepared for an exam:

Being unprepared for an exam might seem to be a very self explanatory dream but it is a very common one amongst young adults and children. Heavily affected by stress and no self-confidence, dreaming of being unprepared can reflect the inability of the dreamer to progress to the next stage in their life. The only advice we can give you is to do your revision.

It is not all bad

It might sound like dreams aren’t worth having but we all know that isn’t true. All the falling, exam failing and unused rooms aside, there are nights (we have all had them) when you just do not want to wake up from your dream.

Throughout all this it is your bed which has the biggest effect on your dreams. It is the mattress that provides the comfort, the place to sleep and the place to dream. If you are in search of more dreams and therefore a better mattress then why not try our Sealy Mattresses?

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