The Internet is full of mean bags, and for this new mom, body shamers are trashing her for her choice and decision to do an intimate postpartum photoshoot. Why is the Internet so mean? The Canadian photographer who took the pictures has come out to defend her.

Shot by Trina Cary, these are some gorgeous photos of Mel and Gabby, who recently welcomed three children.

Cary wanted to shoot models to showcase self-love, couples love, postpartum and body confidence, all in one! And clearly, Mel and Gabby were the right fit.

Mel gave birth to three children in 12 months - she became pregnant with twin girls when her son was only three months old.

The photoshoot celebrated Mel's journey her body had been through. And it was beautiful!

Except, some people were mean about it. Some responses say that Mel was too skinny, and even said that she was "too skinny" to be insecure about her body.

Mel was bothered by the hate and declined to speak to any media. So Cary came to her rescue.

I hurt for Mel. I hurt for any other woman trying to regain her confidence and do something for herself. The gist of the comments were people who aren’t comfortable with their own bodies lashing out at her - funny it was always her never her husband. Everyone is entitled to their own view and opinion but there are many other constructive ways to voice that without being rude and hateful. This session was not about two people being vain this was about learning to love yourself again. There isn’t one person out there who doesn’t want a nice picture of themselves that makes them feel good when they look at it. Some people even went as far as calling her a slut or a hoe, shame on you!!! This woman has dedicated her life to her husband and her children. She is fighting personal insecurities and your best comment is to trash her?! It makes me physically sick reading comments like these. Words hurt, people! I feel sorry for the authors of these comments because they are the ones who need a session like this most but will never have the courage or strength to do one. They are the ones shrouded in jealousy and insecurities and choose to reply out of spite.

People are mean. But love conquers all.