Some homes have ridiculous price tags, but this one here might be very justified. This is the Chateau Louis XIV. It's incredibly expensive, and is located outside of Paris and was modeled after a palace built for France's Louis XIV. Also known as the 'Sun King,' he ruled for 72 years, this house is nothing but opulence and extravagance.

It was sold for $301 million dollars.

Built on a 56-acre park, it has 20 bedrooms.

It took 3 years and over 200 workers to finish building this place.

There's a movie theater, gym, squash court..

Meditation room, a ballroom, and yes, even it's own underground nightclub.

It has gold leaf moldings, marble inlays, and tables chiseled from solid stone.

And some incredible art.

It also has an aquarium that's not quite your conventional one.

Pure extravagance.