China’s most populous city, Shanghai is bursting with people of different cultures. Yet, despite all the multiculturalism, traditional cuisine still reigns supreme. If you are heading to the city in the near future, there is a lot of food to get very excited about! Not sure what should be at the top of your tasting list? Here are five of the city’s best foods you need to try.

Credit: Pexels


These delicious dumplings come with a very tasty surprise – they have a delicious soup inside them! It’s important to remember this and not dive straight into them as soon as they arrive at your table. Otherwise, you may bite into them too soon, and the soup could burn your tongue! One of the best ways to eat them is to pierce a hole in them with your chopsticks and then slurp the soup. Once the soups all gone, finish off the tasty dumpling!

Grilled Oysters

Thanks to its great location on the coast, Shanghai is a perfect destination for seafood lovers. And especially oyster lovers. You’ll see grilled oyster at many of the different street food markets in the city. And they will be prepared in a variety of ways. Some will be served with a black bean sauce while others keep it simple with a quick squirt of chili and garlic. You’ll also be able to find French grilled oysters served in a not-so-French cheese sauce. However you like your oysters, they’ll always be served ready for Instagramming.

Hanging Roasted Duck

You’ve already heard of Peking duck but do you know the Shanghai take on this delicacy? It’s hanging roasted duck. You’ll see the honey glazed ducks hanging in many shop windows and along lots of market stands. The best bit about ordering a duck is getting to watch the butcher pick a bird and then effortlessly chop it up for you. You’ll be witnessing a true skill!

Late Night Noodles

Many visitors to Shanghai head to the city’s famous street markets. But not many know that the best time to visit the markets is actually late at night. When better to enjoy some tasty noodles than after a few beers in a trendy bar? You’ll find an array of different types of noodles. Choose between chicken and pork, and go wild with a fried egg on top. Sure, they’re full of sugar and MSG, but they taste damn good.


When it’s time for dessert, nothing tastes better than one of the cheesecakes from the Cat and Fiddle bakery. Can’t be bothered to leave your hotel room? No problem, just call up the cake delivery by Cat & the fiddle and they’ll bring your favorite dessert right to your door. And they don’t just offer cakes. You can even pick up some souvenirs from the bakery to take home with you!

Not sure what you’ll be doing during your trip to Shanghai? I’ll tell you… plenty of eating and drinking! So there’s no chance you’ll ever be bored!