It feels as if there are tons of inspirational Instagram accounts, showing off awesome hot bodies. Except, a lot of trainers and health experts aren't too fond of them. And one of them is Anna Kaiser, a celebrity trainer who's also Shakira's trainer. She believes people may be misguided and put themselves at risk by working out without real-life guidance or safety warning.

“That’s my only problem on social media — most of the trainers are personalities. They’re not educated in fitness, and you don’t actually get to interact with any of the people. They’re just going off of pictures and videos, and … could end up hurting yourself for years with injuries that will affect you for years down the road.”

Kaiser also trains Kellpy Ripa, Sofia Vergara, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“I would just warn people against following a personality or someone who looks great in a bikini and really seek out someone who knows what they’re doing, and that’s the general feeling in the fitness community today.”

Still, if it's just some inspiration you're looking for, then those Instagram fitness folks are fine to look at.

Just thread on the safe side.

“Social media is getting more people interested in fitness, but it’s also not fitness. It’s frustrating to see how important a social media following is in the world of fitness and business because people who have bikini shots and, you know, sexy pictures of themselves have a lot more followers on social media than someone who’s try to really do it well and maintain integrity.”