Often considered to be guru of web analytics and an expert in digital market, Rafi Chowdhury is not an ordinary business consultant by profession.He is the proud founder and director of Chowdhury’s Digital, a growth hacking company, which is involved with a number of mid cap brand names and assist these brands in their endeavor to earn a higher amount of online revenue.

But there is something that makes Rafi Chowdhury’s online marketing strategies and approach much more interesting. The fact that the entire approach is in the form of an automated system, and that this system is actually run by humans, makes Chowdhury’s efforts praise worthy and allows for a higher number of brands to affiliate themselves with Chowdhury’s Digital, which is a portal of some of the smartest virtual assistants available for online clients and companies.

The 24 year old Chowdhury comments that he has basically cloned himself and his skills to provide effective digital marketing consultation, and has given this clone the form of an entire company, lending a helping hand to any and every online websites and companies as and when they need them. Chowdhury currently resides in California, in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

According to Chowdhury, the trick to achieve a certain level of scalable and effective online and digital marketing is the proper use of technology and automated resources. If any business owner and website can save time by hiring a few online or virtual assistants, then that saved time can be invested back for any other needs that a business or site may have. Rafi Chowdhury is now currently working with 50+ virtual assistants, offering assistance to whoever needs it.

Back in 2014, Rafi Chowdhury put his first steps into the world of internet business with the launch of his own personal website, which was by accident of course. When his website started becoming popular, he could not understand the reason behind it. So he took it upon himself to conduct experiments on his website traffic and started thinking of ways to generate even more traffic, with the use of social media platforms as well as outsourcing platforms like Fiverr. This gave birth to a unique idea that flourished in a six figure annual income.

He got the idea to provide virtual assistance to small and medium scale business from Fiverr only, which sowed the idea for Chowdhury’s Digital into his head.

Originally headquartered in Memphis, Chowdhury’s Digital became a hub of employment for virtual assistants from all over the world, including young and bright minds from the Indian subcontinent. These young and talented minds were the perfect virtual assistants for all medium scale companies and websites in Memphis, and now the company and its expert virtual assistants are taking the city of Los Angeles by storm.

Currently, Rafi Chowdhury has a stake in the entire Vape industry of the United States of America. He owns a certain percentage of stock in Vapetek.com, and his shares are rapidly appreciating in value in this growing market. Chowdhury took this step to further the development of e cigarette industry on a global scale, and to do smart business, as e cigs are one of the new and hip things available in the market nowadays. Let us look at why Vapetek was the choice of investment for Chowdhury.

Vapetek is an IT and technology firm, currently marketing, developing and selling high grade electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, liquids, rechargeable batteries for e-cigs, and vapor devices, which have became the best and healthiest alternative for all chain smokers out there. As per official statements, Vapetek’s total market product share includes 75% of rechargeable batteries e-cigarettes and vapor devices, and 25% e-liquids.

All Vapetek products are certified by the U.S. Pharmacopeia, which means all products sold by Vapetek are of the highest grade, and physician certified, which basically indicates that all Vapetek products are safe and healthy to use. Understanding the importance of e-cigs in today’s medical world, it can quite easily be said that Rafi Chowdhury’s income in Vapetek.com is quite justified, as not only has he made a good source of income for himself, he has also paved the way for effective brand promotion of this very particular e-cig manufacturer.

Now coming back to the topic of virtual assistants, client websites working with Chowdhury’s Digital can rest assured about the quality of service rendered, as Rafi Chowdhury takes it upon himself to train all the virtual assistants under his payroll all by himself. This ensures a high service level, as Chowdhury himself is considered to be a branding and digital marketing guru.

Chowdhury further comments that his VA’s are able to fulfil duties like responding to and writing emails, prepare website and promotional content, reply to social media messages and comments, do online research as well as monitor traffic on client websites. This is basically the service package Chowdhury’s Digital offers to its clients.