It is quite natural for you to think of the glamorous and luxurious lifestyles of the celebrities and feel a pinch at the back of your mind! However, it is not only the fame and limelight that is a part of celeb life. On the contrary, celebrities like actors, models and socialites are subjected to extreme stress all through their life, caused by career woes and lack of privacy etc.

This is something their followers and fans remain mostly unaware about. Beneath those layers of smile, stardom and glitzy aura, lie the anxiety, tension and worry.

While some celebs fail to cope with excessive stress and pressure, others manage to find their weapons to battle it. They do not actually do anything exceptional, but resort to tried and tested stress home remedies.  Below listed is some of the stress fighting remedies used by prominent celebrities.

• Food- When you are bogged down by stress, it does not mean you will have to gorge on unhealthy fat laden fats foods and gain dollops of fat! On the contrary, some celebs resort to certain foods that help them combat negativity and get additional health benefits too. Actor Kate Winslet, for example resorts to eating Mexican yam. It helps her relieve tension.

• Nature- For some celebs, the best way to de-stress is spending a few days away from the madding crowd. Actor Sandra Bullock prefers spending a few days away from the chaos of urban life and the glare of the paparazzi when she is stressed. She goes to a serene and beautiful ranch property in Texas.

• Acting-Some actors resort to their profession to escape the pangs of anxiety. One of them is actor Emma Stone, who thinks acting is the best medicine to beat stress. It helps keep the mind away from negative things of life to a great extent. Same is the case with actor Jennifer Lawrence. The ‘X Men’ actor also thinks acting is the best method to get over anxiety and stress.

• Working out- For some celebs including actor exercise is the best stress buster. They resort to various types of workout methods to get over stress. Apart from coping with stress, exercise is a necessity for them to maintain fit figure. From yoga to hitting the gym, they prefer various exercises. Actor and singer Jessica Simpson likes to go to the gym. Same is the case with Jessica Biel.

• Self pampering- While staying young and beautiful is a professional need for actors, some of them indulge in spa and skincare procedures for stress busting. Opting for a rejuvenating mud bath or hot oil massage is what they prefer to beat the blues of career. Actor George Clooney and TV personality Martha Stewart prefer these methods to beat stress.

While these are tried and tested methods to overcome stress and anxiety in life, there are many other options too. People from various walks of life choose stress busting methods like keeping a pet, reading, gardening and even cooking.