It looks like Amber Heard is amping up her efforts to get free flow of cash from her divorce. Now she's filed a request with an LA court for $50,000 a month in spousal support from Johnny Depp.

In the document, she states:

$10,000 - Rent

$10,000 - Entertainment, gifts and vacations.

$2,000 - Eating out.

$3,000 - Healthcare costs not covered by insurance.

$10,000 - Pet supplies and fees for public relations, agent and attorney.

Heard claims that she made around $27,000 so far this year from her appearances in TV and movies, claiming her expenses add up to $44,000 a month.

Johnny Depp's attorney says he won't be paying a dime.

"Moreover, as a successful actress with significant income of her own, there is no question that Amber can support herself until the parties have had a reasonable amount of time to assess their finances with the assistance of counsel and then negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution or seek regularly-noticed court orders."

"Amber is attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse. Her current application for a temporary restraining order along with her financial requests appears to be in response to negative media attention she received earlier this week after filing for divorce."
More to come.