Your social media history will come back to haunt you if you're unlucky. So it would be wise to not post up anything that will do your career any harm, in any way. Samantha Chirichella, 26, was set to begin work at a large energy company when they withdrew the offer after doing a social media background check.

She was set to earn 47,000 pounds per year. Admittedly, she's quite gorgeous.

But upon doing a social media background check, they discovered something else on Instagram - her account has now been set to private.

The photo showed Chirichella naked with another woman kissing each other's nipples while lying upside down.

When they discovered it, they immediately rescinded their offer. Chririchella claimed that the picture is art and was featured in a gallery along with her friend's other photography pieces, and is now planning on suing the company because of sexual discrimination.