Technology has had advanced a lot in recent years and there are a lot of amazing things that it can do now that we never would have dreamed of. Technological innovations make our everyday lives better in a lot of ways, but if you are planning a wedding have you thought about how technology could enhance your special day.

No, you don’t want to be fiddling with your smart phone or staring at a computer screen on the most wonderful day of your life – you want to be present in the moment. However, there are some technological features that you could set up in advance which will really add something to your wedding day. Here are some ideas:

Digital Photo Frames

Digital frames are a fantastic piece of technology to incorporate into your wedding décor. They look like an ordinary photo frame but they have a memory card filled with photos and they cycle through several different photos on a rotation. You could have one as a centerpiece at the head table of the wedding, scrolling through photos of you and your sweetheart. They are a great way to show several photos at once, while only taking up the space of one photo.

Take a Go-Pro Down the Aisle

Ask one of your bridesmaids to put a Go Pro camera in her bouquet to capture the walk down the aisle. Or, you could have the officiant wear so that you can capture the vows from an up close perspective. You could even attach one to an alcohol bottle or the disco ball to capture some candid moments of your guests partying at the reception. Go Pro cameras are a lot of fun and they can be used in a range of ways to capture the action on your wedding day at your wedding venues near Chester.

GIF Photobooth

Photobooths have been popular at weddings for quite some time now, but these days there is a new twist. GIF photobooths will take a burst of photos and then put them together into a fun animated GIF. The short GIF can be then quickly and easily uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Stream Your Wedding Live

If you have family and friends who live overseas and couldn’t make it to your wedding, why not stream it live online for them? You can set this up on Skype and many wedding venues have the capability for video-streaming, so just check with the staff at your wedding venue facility – such as at Carden Park near Chester. Your relatives will be able to watch the wedding in real time, just like as if they were there in attendance!

Robot Bartender

How cool and futuristic would it be to have a robot bartender at your wedding? The Somabar is a robot bartender who will pour you the perfect drink, every time. The alcohol is pre-loaded into the machine and there is a digital menu where you can select your choice of drink. The Somabar pours it out in measured quantities and dispenses the drink. Although it doesn’t have the fun and witty banter of a human bartender, it will mean that your guests can get their drinks quickly so that they can get back on the dance floor.

Video Guestbook

Instead of having a paper book in which your guests write their kind messages for you, why not have a video guestbook instead? You can rent a video booth and let your guests record their messages for you. There are services that will compile the raw video and edit it into a montage DVD on the spot. It will be a lovely video to watch years from now when you are reminiscing about your wedding – you’ll be reminded of all of the friends and family that love and support you.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use technology in a beneficial way to enhance your wedding. Technology shouldn’t take over your special day so that the focus is on the tech, but it can improve your wedding and add helpful or fun features. Look into the technological additions that you think you would benefit from, so that you can put together the ideal wedding for you!