Sophie Cachia is a blogger, and she got married in October last year. She unconventionally wore a black wedding dress instead of the usual white one, and people are criticizing her for it. Mainly because it looks like she's attending a funeral.

But heck it. This is stylish! Cachia wrote:

The first thing I must state is that my choice had NOTHING to do with the old ‘white wedding dresses are for virgins.’ Evidently though, my 18-month-old son Bobby is proof that that boat sailed years ago. I only assume that throughout my experiences and knowledge of our generation that if only virgins wore white, we’d be seeing more of an array of multi-coloured brides.

If you were to specifically ask me why I wore black on my wedding day, I can only answer in the most honest and direct way possible; because I wanted to.

Black is classic.

It looks good on just about everyone.

It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s daring.

I find wearing black to be extremely striking, hence why it’s my go-to choice of colour to wear on any occasion.

These reasons stated above, combined with the fact that my now husband suggested I wear black when we first got engaged, as he knows how much I like to wear it, were the reasons I did so.