Vicki Zhao is only 40-years-old and she's already the wealthiest actress. She's also a pop singer, film director, commercial model and a successful investor. Not to mention, she's super hot too. What is she not?

She's known as China's show-business Warren Buffett.

Along with her husband, they are worth an estimate $1 billion, which is mostly madde up of stock from Alibaba Pictures ion a deal she struck with billionaire Jack Ma in 2014.

They also have real estate, a French winery, and a Singaporean jewelry retailer.

Zhao's career include commercial modeling, promoting over 120 of the world's recognizable luxury, fashion, and technology brands.

Zhao was a kindergarten teacher at the age of 17 when a film director came looking for extras in her town.

By 20, she had an excellent career already and even got into the Beijing Film Academy with a Masters in Directing.

She had her big break in "My Fair Princess" and became the youngest actress to win a Golden Eagle award - equivalent to an Emmy.

At 40, she's already recorded seven Mando-pop albums.

Looks like she's got more to do too.