Vaccines are great stuff. It's medically proven. But despite all the advances in medical science, there are people who refuse to vaccinate because of some weird stance and belief that it's no good for you.

This is Cormit Avital, a new mom in Australia. She turned down vaccination for whopping cough while pregnant because she felt healthy and fit. But after she gave birth, she passed it on to her newborn baby, Eva, who has since spent the first month of her life in intensive care.

This is a video of Avital, pleading with other moms to not make the same mistake:


'If I could turn back time I would protect myself.' Cormit's baby has contracted Whooping Cough. Watch this clip to hear the first-time mum bravely talk about her decision to opt out of vaccination during pregnancy and how hard it is now coping with her new baby being so unwell. For the facts on Immunisation go to #vaccinationmatters #immunisation #preventabledisease #GoldCoast #publichealth

Posted by Gold Coast Health on Monday, April 4, 2016